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Monday, January 17, 2011

The MEN in Kittycats Life

SOOOOOO, I got to thinking the other day, about all the men in my life and what they really mean to me.
Then when I went to count all of them up, it seemed like A LOT of men to have in ones life.
And it made me think WTF. 
Is that bad that I have soooo many male friends?
But honestly each one them serves a different purpose in my life.
So I thought since I have written about all my girlfriends before I should totally write about the men too.
Really the relationships aren't that different than the ones with the girls, instead I call them my “guy” friends.  Each and every one is a different type of relationship serving a different purpose.

Remeber I am a realist.
So as I was analyzing all my male friend relationships, and I came to the conclusion that I am a very very  lucky girl.
To have soooooooo many good friends that care about my general well being.
So here they are, for the most part all the men in my life.

-Of course there is the sportsman; who puts up with a lot of shit just being married to me;
-Then there was Mr. Big, who helped me step outside of my box; (Thank you S.F. for all the encouraging words and being a good friend. I wish you the best going forward.)

-I have my good friend who is religious, and he is always in my ear about being a good christain; (C.S. Thank you, even though I don’t always follow your advice I do listen to every word you say.)
-The most obvious, the soccerboy-my son; who helps me stay in tune and hip with the new music, and helps spend all my money.
-Then there is my youngest brother, that I love to death ( I do have 2 older brothers but I am not as close); who is 20 years younger than me, (Thanks J.M. for not making feel old.)
-Recently there is the new addition Mr. Muscles; who has become very special to me.(  Thank you B.P. for always being there for me no matter what time of day it is- day or night and no matter what capacity I need you. You are freakin awesome!)
-I can’t forget my comedian friend; who always makes me laugh, and Is also somewhat of a pervert (who I also went to H.S. with. ( Love ya, A.G. for always bringing a smile to my face.)
-Now not recently but previously there was my old H.S. friend that we have had a on again off again friendship, he was the "death of a friendship" blog; This friend means the world to me, but has made our friendship very challenging over the last year.  (P.O. no matter what has happened over the last year, I still care about you.)

-I also have to list my good “blog” friend (now I have other blog guy friends that I chat with but this one really made an impression); you know who you are. We talk and email on/off supporting each others naughty moments. We know a lot of very personal stuff about each other’s lives. You have truly helped me deal with some very difficult times in my life in the last few months. (Thank you J.S. for being such an awesome true friend.)

-To mix it up a bit I also have a great swinger friend; who I have been friends with for years.  Even before, I was married to the sportsman.  (Thanks D.B. for giving me the relationship insight and making me feel like I am the hottest girl around.)
-I have to mention my awesome co-worker friend ( I have other guy friends at work I chat with but this one is the closest); we have been friends for 10 years (Thanks M.G.for listening to me every day talk about things ranging from men, to anal beads, to words that I have made up that mean sexual things, to my relationship issues with the sportsman, you truly are a one of a kind friend.)

-Last but not least my dad; even out of 5 kids I have always been daddys little girl. Even though I have only become really close over the last two years.  (Thanks dad for being a realist like me, not ever bullshitting me and always being honest.)
So there you have it, for the most part the men in my life that I deal with daily.  I am sure I have left someone out, so please forgive me if I have, its not my intention to make anyone feel less than important.
Now I am sure all of you are wondering does the sportsman know about all of these male friends I have, right?
Some of them yes, but for the most part NO.

Its not that I think he would have a problem with me having so many “male” friends its more the part that I talk to them often.
So I say that if its gonna make him sad then he just doesnt need to know. 

OK, Go ahead bitches,give it to me
 I know you
will have
 some kickass constructive
 thoughts to give me
on all this.

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