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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kittycat L o v e s SPORTS Radio

Say Hello to, Mike Golic & Mike Greenberg.
I wanted to write about these two awesome guys today, well cause I listen/watch them every morning.
I normally watch them on TV at home while I am getting ready for work. Then about 50% of the time I turn it on in the car and listen on my drive into work.
Now if you are not into sports, well then you probably don’t have a freakin clue who these guys are.  Nor do you probably care.
But for the rest of you……….
If you love sports ,well then you totally freakin get it.
So heres a little bit of 411, for those of you who DON’T have a clue.
Mike and Mike in the Morning is an American sports-talk radio show hosted by Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg on ESPN Radio and simulcast on television, normally on ESPN2.
The show primarily focuses on the day's biggest sports topics and the ever  humorous banter between the two Mikes.
The duo recently celebrated 10 years of doing this show together.
Why? Cause they are freakin AWESOME!
One of the reasons behind me tuning in is I really like to hear them talk.
I am a voice person.  I have a thing about sexy voices, and well I Love talk radio.
More specifically, I love sports radio.

Dude and I totally love their bobble head collection. Just check it out.
I would love to work in a place like that.

Can you imgaine, Kittycat a sports announcer?

Hmmmmmmm, Theres a thought.
I think I could totally do it!

So anyways, to me this is one great place to go and get your sports information, gossip, and updates etc.
It’s important so that when I am at work with the guys and they all want to talk “shop” I know what/who the hell they are talking about.
You should totally go check them out.

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