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Monday, January 17, 2011

Kitchen Islands with Seating

Kitchen islands are a fairly common component of any kitchen. They have a tremendous functional value and add a classy look and feel to your kitchen. While most homes have kitchen islands that serve as a cutting and chopping spot, many people prefer kitchen islands with seating too. Apart from looking good, they also serve the purpose of providing a suitable seating arrangement, right within the kitchen. The best part is that there is so much variety in the kitchen island plans and designs that you can choose from. Given below is a useful guide to getting your kitchen a nice and fancy kitchen island with seating for 4 or more.

Kitchen Islands with Seating: Points to Remember

Before we get into the various designs and ideas for custom kitchen islands, there are some very basic points that need to be kept in mind. They are the practical nitty grittys of designing a kitchen island that can serve as a seating area as well as a place to get the cooking done. Given below are some points that you need to keep in mind while thinking of a kitchen island with seating.

  • The first thing that you need to decide is the number of people that you want to provide the seating arrangement for. Is it going to be a kitchen island with seating for four or for more than four people. Once the number of seats is decided, you can go ahead with the other planning.
  • Once you've decided the seating, you need to make sure that the plan that you have, meshes with the already existing components of your kitchen. Don't get a totally contradicting arrangement that makes the entire kitchen look like a flea market.
  • The next point is, what is the exact purpose of getting a kitchen island with seating. Do you want it to be a kitchen island with seating and storage? Then you need to see that the cabinets that you use for storage beneath the counter, are well concealed. Plus, the counter of the kitchen island should protrude a considerable distance from the end of the cabinet. Else, people are going to struggle with the minimal leg room. So, the best option would be to go in for a kitchen island that does not have cabinets beneath it. Instead, you can have simple leg posts in wrought iron or wood, just like a small dining table within your kitchen.
  • For kitchen islands with seating and sink, another point has to be taken into consideration: the plumbing of the sink. This is because the kitchen island is going to be right in the center of the kitchen. Make sure that the plumbing is secured well. You don't want a watery mess bang in the center of your kitchen!
  • If you're planning a kitchen island with a breakfast bar, then you need to decide a suitable height for it. It's not only your family that will be having its meals at the island. You could have friends over. They could bring their kids over. Your kids could have sleepovers and their friends may have breakfast with you'll. So keep the little kids in mind and don't have an island that is too high or too low.
Kitchen Islands with Seating: Ideas

Now that we have a basic idea of what to do and what not to do while planning a kitchen island with seating, let us see some ideas for the same.

  • A good kitchen island idea is one that does not have any concealed cabinets beneath it. A combination of wood and marble will work perfectly. A pristine white marble counter, with some plain wooden stools in a dark wood color will look nice.
  • Another kitchen island design idea is a combination of marble or granite with wrought iron seating. Here, the counter is smooth marble or granite and for seating, you can either have antique style stools or chairs. The comfort level of wrought iron stools or chairs is debatable. But you can eliminate that by using cushioned stools or chairs. Ensure that the seat and the back of the chair are both cushioned with a fabric in a color that goes with the other d├ęcor of your kitchen.
  • The latest rage in kitchen islands are the portable ones. They are especially suitable for people who live in apartments that do not allow for a fixed kitchen island. You can get a kitchen island with wheels attached. It will serve as a seating area right in the kitchen, and when you feel like it, you can move it to the living room when you have guests over.
Going for kitchen islands with seating is always a good idea. It enables you to save a lot of space and also increases the interaction level between the family members. You can chat with them while you prepare the meal and while eating, you don't have to go all the way to the kitchen for seconds. Hence, it is truly a totally practical and functional addition that you ought to make to your kitchen pretty soon.

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