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Monday, January 31, 2011

It's getting HOT in here

A week or so ago  I met this guy, at the gym. I was finishing my work out and I always end it with the bike.  The sportsman was there but he was off doing a different cardio.  So I sat down on the last available bike. Which so happend to be next to this really hot guy. (FYI on an average the early hours I go to the gym, I normally end up next to a gentleman around the age of 8 0 )
Everyone knows as a norm I do not talk to people while I’m working out. I am very dedicated when I am at the gym. There is No messing around. 
on this particular day, I looked up at the set of TV's and noticed that out of three, there were two that had freakin cartoons on it and one that had some damn food channel.
Are you freakin shittin me?
So I take my ear bud out of one ear and mention this to the guy next to me, cause I just can’t freakin believe it.
well that in turn started a conversation, where I found out that this guy used to go to the same HS as me, he used to live my the neighborhood I live in now, and he used to work for the same company I do now.
All this in a 20 min conversation. Yes, I have been known to be chatty.
So here I am cahtting it up with this super hot guy and the sportsman walks by and gives me the death stare.  WTF, really.  Don’t even go there.
Did I mention that this guy doesn't even have a membership to my gym. He just paid for the day and was meeting one of his buddies there.  So the odds I ever see him again are slim to none.
So no harm, no foul.
Besides  I wasn’t even doing anything freakin wrong , just talkin. Geez
So, after we leave the gym the sportsman is being all pissy.
 So I ask him what the fuck is wrong?
He says nothing. I know better, something has pissed him off.
So, I say "I know you pissed about someting what the fuck is it"?
So, he says that he finds it odd that I never talk to anyone in the gym and that particular day I chose to talk to this guy (hot guy). W h a t e v e r!
By the next day its all been forgotten.
So take you to the present, I go to the gym like normal.
I’m doing my cardio and I look up at the gym TV’s and Ill be damned if there aren’t freakin cartoons on again.
Which I immediately think of the hot guy from before, I had actually completely forgotten all about him.
So I continue my workout, I'm there for over 2 hours and finish up on the bike as usual.
Guess who walks by?  I can’t freakin believe it.  The hot guy. What are the freakin odds?
He smiles and says "you're still here". I smile and go about my business. (thats me being GOOD)
Then he comes back and sits down right next to me.
Did I mention this guy has the most beautiful eyes? or that he has a very deep sexy voice? NO? Well I probably shouldn't think about it either.  Just gets me into trouble. Which I DON'T need.
So, I say hi.
I make some comment about no cartoons today. He smiles.
He says he was supposed to meet his friend, but his friend likes to come too late.
(At this point Im beginning to wonder if there really is a friend, cause I have yet to see him)
Then I put my headphones back on.  See I can behave myself people.
I go back to pretending I’m focusing on my work out. (He actually kinda makes me nervous)
Thank goodness I only had 5 min left on the bike. In fact, I quit even before my time was up and went on to do 2 more arm/back things just to remove myself from the situation.
(Note: there wasn’t really a “situation” but I was preventing one from happening)
Then when It was time to go, Not sure what came over me but I walked over and introduced myself. To the hot guy.
I figure if we keep meeting like this I should at least know the poor boys name.
Which by the way is Brett.
So as I'm getting ready to leave I head to the locker room to get my hoodie and notice my hair is all over the place. Isn’t that just fuckin awesome.  I looked like a dumbass. Oh well.
It’s a sign. That I should be at the gym just to work out.
At the very least, I made a new friend.
Who already accepts me, when I look like shit.
You can never have enough friend’s.

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