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Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to Get Bigger Biceps

There is this urgency that one develops when they have a particular goal in mind. Have you noticed? Like you want whatever you have in mind to happen fast. And if that goal happens to be getting bigger biceps, well then I understand how you'd want to get there fast enough. To have a great set of muscled biceps to your credit is no mean feat and to get there requires a lot of hard work, patience and planning. But if you want it bad enough, you will be willing to make it work, correct? Now what exactly does one have to do to make that happen? How to get bigger biceps and make them stay? These and some more queries on the kind of bicep exercises that one has undertake will be tackled in the following article. Continue reading for more details on how to build bigger biceps.

How to Get Bigger Biceps and Triceps

The most important thing for how to get biceps fast, and I'm sure you'll will agree, is that one needs to do specific kind of exercises along with following a high carb diet and getting proper rest. It is also important to understand that in order to get bigger biceps, one needs to work the entire arm. There are certain select arm exercises that one can do to bring this forth. Here are some of the same.

Dumbbell Curl
This is one of the easiest dumbbell exercises that one can perform, and it is used as a great exercise for how to get bigger biceps with dumbbells. Along with these curl exercises, one can do hammer curls for biceps as well.

  1. Use two dumbbells in each hand. Make sure that you start off with a light weight dumbbell if you aren't used to exercising.
  2. Hold the dumbbells to your side such that they are perpendicular to the floor. Lock the elbows in and keep your back straight.
  3. Raise the right dumbbell to your shoulder while maintaining the original position.
  4. When it reaches the level of the shoulder, twist the arm inward so that it curls towards the shoulder.
  5. Squeeze your arms while you do this so that the muscles are worked better.
  6. Slowly start to bring the dumbbell down to the original position and at the same time raise the opposite arm and take it through the same motions as the right arm.
  7. Repeat 15 times on both sides and do 3 sets of these bicep workouts for women as well as men.
Diamond Push Ups
Regular push ups are a great way to build both triceps and biceps. And there are ways to make the levels more difficult for these good bicep workouts. Like placing weights in form of books on the back while exercising. One such exercise is the diamond push ups and these are considered to lend a highly intense workout. Here's how you do it:

  1. Raise yourself on your arms and feet, so that the palms are flat against the floor and only the toes of the feet are placed on the floor.
  2. Now bring the hands as close to your body as possible and form a diamond shape with your index and thumbs of both fingers.
  3. Maintain a straight back and get into the first push up.
  4. You'll see that the exercise is quite difficult to pull off, but it works the muscles in the arms really well.
  5. Repeat 10 times and do 3 sets in total and you'll soon know how to get big arms fast.
  6. This is one of the best ways on how to get bigger biceps without weights. (Bicep exercises without weights)
Inverted Chair Dips
If one has no time to get to a professional gym and work on the machines to get great biceps, there are several options available from home as well. Here is a great exercise on how to get bigger biceps at home:

  1. Place two sturdy chairs with a four feet distance between each other. Make sure that they are absolutely sturdy.
  2. Place yourself between these chairs with your heels in the seat of one chair and the hands on the other.
  3. Your back will be to the floor while you look up to the ceiling.
  4. Place books on your lap if you need the exercise to be more intense.
  5. Slowly dip to floor and stop just before your butt touches the floor.
  6. Maintain a continuous motion without stopping and do as many as possible. Then rest for 5 seconds and do the next set.
  7. Do about 3 sets of the same.
These were some of the bicep exercises with weights and some bicep and tricep exercises which can be done without weights as well. And now that you know how to get bigger biceps, you can plan a schedule for yourself and make it happen quick. All the best!

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