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Friday, January 28, 2011

Getting Kittycats house in order

Recently I ran into Mr. Big. 
It was kinda nice. We had a nice long heart to heart chat.
When I left I felt like things were finally in a good place for both of us. 

I finally got that inner peace I was looking for, about how things ended. I think we can now be good friends and not have any hurt invloved.
 It was a h u g e relief.
Isn’t that nice when things go well.
So it made me think, this is a good time to clean house so to speak. You know get my life in order. Make a list, take control, and make decisions of what direction I am moving in the future.
In the past 8 months I have just been all over the place, not really having a plan. Just wandering about aimlessly.
Now, don't get me wrong I've had the best freakin time of my life.
I can honestly say that at age 41 I had the best year of my life.
It’s a close second to my 28th year.
Now I realize that life doesn’t always require a plan or a list.
Sometimes its ok to just wander.
But for me, right now not having a plan is just too much. 
Running wild and free for awhile is nice, but not very responsible.
I have been recklessly wild for too long now.
Time to reel myself back in.
Set some goals for my near future.
Besides I feel like all the running around, late nights, alcohol and emotional stress from being naughty has started to age me. 
I feel like I’m starting to actually look old, and that r e a l l y bothers me. A L O T
So one of my biggest decisions is less time out at the bars.  Cut way back on the alcohol, and back to my early bed times.  Sorry M.H. and K.G. 

We have had a wild ride and alot of fun, but all good things must come to an end eventually.
I know soooo freakin boring right.  It's just something I have to do. 
Spring time is coming soon, and I want to have a plan in place.
A healthier lifestyle you know.
That is a plan. Makes me feel good already.
A life free of complications, worry and stress.
Sounds good no?
Wish me luck!

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