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Monday, January 24, 2011

Drowning...... Thank goodness for friends

I am normally a happy go lucky kinda girl. As of late I am struggling, in the area of happiness.
I'm not having a pitty party or anything.
It has come in spurts, like the sun on a partly cloudy day.
I know that the winter time in general puts a lot of people in a funk. The gloomy skies, and the cold tempretures.

I think I am doubly going thru a bit of the funk asses cause of my current situation.
I am in total limbo right now with my life.  And I hate that.
I don’t want to be one of those “pessimistic” type of people. 
 I want to be the happy carefree girl.  A g a i n.
I am really alot of fun when I am not sad. I am really.
This is the Kittycat, making others happy
Good friends can make a big difference during times like these.
I am one of “those” kinds of friends, you know the ones that always helps out others in need.
I’m the one people go to for a shoulder to lean/cry on.
I am a awesome friend like that.
I’m the loyal and committed for life kinda of friend.
So right now that’s what I need.
My good friends to be here to help me thru this crap time in my life. 
To help remind me that there is a good life out there. To make me see it.
So that I can get back to the sunshine type of days.
I know they (sunshinny days) are there, I just can't seem to reach them right now.
I’m a realist, I know nothing comes easy.
Just hoping for it to be a little easier
with my good friends around.

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