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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Drama Drama Drama- Go the hell away already

Now I like to watch drama type shows on ocassion (everyone knows I tend to watch way too much tv during the winter time), but I sure the hell don’t want to live my life with drama.

I need the simple, non-stressful kind of shit in my life.

I have been working really hard at achieving that for awhile.

It’s hard sometimes having two kids and keeping stress to a minimum.  But, one should expect some sort of drama if you have kids. Right.
Just not with a d u l t s.
I have NO tolerance for that kind of bullshit.
One of the reasons we did not move to the sportsmans home town, is for this very reason.
In a small towns there is not alot going on. So, when something does happen no matter how big or small, everyone freakin knows about it.
We call those fuckin people busy bodies.
Now, when I lived at home, we had this neighbor who we called "Nosey Nancy".
For a good reason. She knew everything that was going on in the entire neighborhood.  Let me tell you that it made it nearly impossible for me to have any parties at my parents house when they were out of town. Thanks so much Nancy!
My not so recent issue with being harrassed was due to someone just like that (Nosey), I won’t name any names here cause honestly now it just doesnt matter, but this person who has nothing better to do with their freakin time, started all this drama.
So due to this person, I started the process of cutting out all the crap-o-people in my life. AS to have less stress.
I really hate busy bodies. Loath them actually.
Why is it cause “you” have all this fucking free time in the world and nothing better to do with your life, do you feel the need to complicate mine? Seriously, back the fuck away.

Thankfully now that the soccer season is over, I have not seen or had any contact with this individual. I even blocked this person on FB.
Sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do.

I bring this up again cause this person tried to contact me recently, via text and honestly it brought back all the initial anger. I hate being angry.

So I felt like I needed to vent for a little bit today.
Thanks for listening to me ramble.

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