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Monday, December 27, 2010

Women's Size 11 Boots

Shopping for size 11 boots? Well, I am sure that this time you need not require to search really hard for these. Size 11 boots or you can say the larger sizes in boots are no longer amongst the 'rare pieces' available on the shelves. You might be aware that boots of sizes above 10 are considered as the larger sizes. This category includes boots of size 11 to size 14. Previously shopping for size 11 boots and of course the boots of sizes larger than these was a tough task. But today fashion designers are not restricting their creativity till the small and average sizes, but also launching special collection of large sized boots. All the tall ladies can now get ready to walk in style by wearing the best pieces in women's size 11 boots. Here's more about these.

Styles in Size 11 Women's Boots

Knee High Boots
If you are all set to follow the latest fashion trends then all you need is a pair of knee high size 11 shoes for women. If you start your search for this fashion footwear, you can see sexy knee high boots topping the list. Apart from the 'all time hit' pointed toes, almond toe shaped boots are amongst the best picks of the season. Hard leather, man-made leather and boots with grained finish leather are much popular amongst various women's shoes. What's more, the top picks in knee high women's size 11 boots are not those with the pencil heels but those with box heels or minimal heels of 0.5 inches! So ladies grab the killer fashion footwear that offers comfort of flats along with unique style.

Ankle Boots
Next hot pick that the tall ladies should not miss out are the suede ankle boots. Well, again if you are wondering about the pencil heels in women's size 11 boots, then just wait and have a look at the designer's favorites and top picks of the year. Although pencil heels are not out of the fashion street, you must grab the killer tapering heels and glamorous wedge ankle suede boots which are the 'must have' pieces if you want to stay voguish. Apart from the pretty feminine pieces in size 11 women's shoes, you can also grab the masculine styled boots in suede with heavy soles, round toe and prominent lacing patterns that offer a tough look. Pair these with your tees and denims and get set to walk in style.

Mid-calf Boots
Mid-calf sized boots in size 11 are another hit that look awesome when worn by the tall ladies. There is a wide variety available in these, from materials and colors till classy designs. Let me tell that wedge pattern is again a popular trend in these mid-calf boots. Man made leather and suede boots are best picks in this mid-calf footwear. Cool cowboy boots that are available in bright colors can't be missed out. You can checkout the ultimate varieties available in wide calf cowboy boots as well.

When you browse through the women's size 11 boots, you will find a lot of patterned boots. Those with layered fabric, leather straps, slouchy design, large buckles, straps, chain-accented strap wraps, studs, zipper trims, laces are highly popular. Those with cuff of same material or fleece cuffs are also very popular. You can wear these with folded cuffs or open them up. While you shop for size 11 boots, you can also check out those larger sizes with wide calves. Wide calf boots in larger sizes are also available on the shelves these days. You can shop online and find the latest designs in larger sizes at discount prices. Well, make sure you pick the right size and style of boots. While you run to follow the current fashion trend make sure you do not forget your level of comfort. After all a stylish piece can look best on your feet only if you are comfortable wearing it.

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