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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Wicked Little Gnome- Happy HNT

Recently I got a new gnome.
He looks just a little naughty no?

Just so you know, I already have many many of these little fellas ( in my flower bed. I ment YARD people stop with the dirty minds.), but none are the" travelocity" gnome.

In case any of you want one for yourself, Lowes is the HOT spot, to find them.

Isn't he just the most kickass little dude?
I just love him,cause sometimes he looks a little naughty
and sometimes just a little  n i c e.

So I decided that I should take him
e v e r y w h e r e.
Of course my very first photo was him leaving the store, only to be followed up by photo No. 2 of him in the bath with me. hee hee

Ok, and photo No. 3 was also in the bath. I think he wants to wash up, after being in that dirty b o x.

So here I am thinking of all the possibilities, of places he
can and WILL travel with me.

How about you? Got any suggestions?

Happy HNT

AS always don't forget to stop over at OHNT

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