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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Who's Rockin the Kittycats Universe?

Not the actual guy, that would just be creepy if
 I had a photo of him. Ya, know.
There is a new guy, that is rockin it for the kittycat.      M E O W
Unfortunately, he doesn’t know it.
It’s a damn shame really.
But probably for the best.
Sooooooo this “guy” goes to my gym.
Not my work gym, but my other gym.
Gotta be specific, cause there is also a guy at my work gym, that is quite the eye candy also.
I have decided this guy is my new “motivation” to working out.
I had to shake the “other” guy(you know the one, that I have been writing about for months) and pickup a new one.
You know how it works with me, I can only stay entertained for so long before I grow bored. 
It's that time again.
And well……………….
Damn, this guy is HOT! and stacked. How can you not look at a guy who has such an amazing freakin body? You can’t not look!
And then there are the tats. WOW!
I can not forget the swager he has going on. Oh, my!
Or the fact that he is T A L L. Gotta love tall men.
Just freakin amazing.
Now don’t get all judgemental on me. This has nothing to do with the sportsman.
It is my gym “eye candy”. Don’t tell me you don’t check out people at the gym?
I even check out some girls. I see nothing wrong with this.
I never said I was hooking up or pursuing him.
Just being entertained by him.
I have never spoke to him.
I do know his name.

Hee Hee.

Of course I do.
This other guy I talk to at the gym told me.
I have no intention of talking to “eye candy”.
But I wouldn’t turn away if he approached me.

What the hell, would you? You know you wouldn't either.

Theres no harm in chit chat.
I mean come on seriously, other wise the gym gets really freakin boring.
Same routine e v e r y weekend.
I am pretty damn driven about the gym(more so than most), but even I need some additonal motivation sometimes.
So heres a memo to the hot guy at the gym.
Dude,  Please please continue coming to the gym at same time on Saturday and Sundays.
I will forever be grateful. Thanks man.
Need I remind you all,
that life is too short
to just shuffle thru.
Live a little already.

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