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Sunday, December 26, 2010

What Muscles do Push Ups Work

We all know that there are all kinds of exercises out there which are meant for a certain purpose. These exercises help you lose weight or even tone up. However, if a person wishes to improve his fitness level further, then he can opt for fitness training exercises which are designed for a specific purpose. One of the most common exercises in the world is push ups. Push ups tend to work on a lot of muscles of the body. So, what muscles do push ups work? To know what muscle groups do push ups work, read on...

Which Muscles do Push Ups Work?

One of the main muscles that comes up in the answer to the question 'what muscles do push ups work' is the pectoralis or the pectoral muscles which are the chest muscles. This muscle tends to take a huge amount of the strain, especially when lifting oneself of the ground. It tends to be the central portion of the body which gets worked on while doing push up exercises. This is the basic muscle which allows the shoulder to move forward during the push up. Also, when one pushes the body upwards, this muscle tends to contract and thus, it this is a great pectoral workout. So, if one were to ask what muscles do diamond push ups work, then the answer would be the pectoralis and the triceps.

The next very important muscle that figures strongly in the answer to the question 'what muscles do push ups work' is the triceps. Pushups are a great tricep exercise. The triceps are muscles of the upper arm and are located at the back. While doing a push up workout routine, when a person pushes himself upward, along with the chest muscles, these muscles tend to contract until the desired position is reached. If you're wondering about what muscles do handstand push ups work, then the triceps muscle tops the list.

Another one of the important muscles that lands as an answer to the question of what muscles do push ups work is the deltoid muscle. The deltoid is a fan shaped muscle that blankets the region of the shoulder. This is the muscle that works in conjunction with the anterior chest muscles. If the pectoralis muscle is to move, then the anterior portion of the deltoid must contract completely. This is due to the close proximity of the deltoid to the pectoralis muscle. During this routine, damage to the deltoid and the shoulder is prevented by the rotator cuff.

There are other muscles of the upper and middle region of the body that are worked on by pushups as well. These include core muscles, that is, the abdominal muscles. Yes, when we do push ups, one of the group of muscles worked by pushups is the core muscles. In fact, if you were to ask any fitness trainer what muscles do dive bomber push ups work, then the answer would be that these push ups are a great way of strengthening core muscles. If you wish to ensure that all of the muscles that have figured in the above list of 'what muscles do push ups work' are properly exercised, you need to know how to do push ups properly. Also, be sure to slowly increase your number of push ups. Do not suddenly try and aim to do a hundred push ups a day. If you slowly work towards increasing your fitness level and if you slowly increase your count of push ups, then all of the muscles mentioned above are sure to get toned without getting fatigued.

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