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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Paint Colors for Living Room

Wall paint is an important aspect of interior decorating. A paint is often responsible for creating the first impression of any home. Needless to say, a lot of thought should go into the process of choosing paint colors for a living room. Interestingly, this also happens to be the most challenging task, as you have to sift through hundreds of color templates. It is never easy to predict how a particular color on paper template will actually look on your wall. However, if you know a few basics of interior painting, then choosing paint colors for living room wouldn't be as difficult a task.

Factors to Consider while Choosing Paint Colors

Size of the room is the first factor that one needs to consider before buying a paint. Wall paint has a lot of influence upon the size of the room. Generally speaking, darker hues draw your attention downward, creating an impression of smaller space, whereas lighter hues create a more roomy feel by lifting your focus upward. Hence, homeowners with smaller living rooms are usually encouraged to go for soothing colors for wall paint. Those who have the luxury of space can go for lighter or darker color schemes as per their taste. Another factor to be considered while choosing living room painting colors, is source of natural illumination. If you have ample sunlight coming through one of the windows of living room, you can play with almost any shade of paint color. However, if your living room relies heavily on artificial illumination, it is best to stick to basic, neutral shades.

The theme of your home décor, is another thing that you might want to consider before investing in living room colors. The wall paint in living room should be in sync with the rest of home décor. Besides, the color of furniture, flooring, curtains and drapes also matter a lot when choosing interior paint colors for your home. It is best to go for light paint colors for living room with dark furniture and vice versa. Rooms with dull flooring and drapes can look good with intense colors on the wall.

Earthy Warm Paint Colors for Living Room

Warm colors such as red, orange, butterscotch yellow, canary yellow are apt for country style decorating. These paint color schemes create a very warm and cozy ambiance. However, instead of painting the entire living room in these colors, it is recommended that you paint only one wall in such bold color and paint the rest in its subdued version. Earthy colors such as brown, forest green can also be considered for painting living room walls, provided you use the right amount of dye. Remember, the darkness of shade is not to be mistaken with the darker colors towards the end of spectrum. The darkness or lightness typically refers to the amount of dye in the paint. You can very much use a dark color such as chocolate brown or crimson for your small living room as long as you keep the amount of dye to bare minimum.

Contemporary Paint Colors for Living Room

Modern, contemporary living rooms are characterized by use of subtle interior paint colors. The entire emphasis is on creating a sleek and streamlined look for the living room. Steel gray, white, black are often preferred over the usual colors. Pastel shades also look apt on the walls of a contemporary living room. Lime green, purple, coffee are some other paint colors for living room and kitchen of a contemporary home. These paint color combinations look best when teamed with neutral furnishings and flooring.

Thus, the choice of paint colors for living room decorating is dependent upon several factors. Generally, it is recommended that you go for paint colors that can go with any type of furnishing, as these are the items you replace frequently during the life of a wall paint color.

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