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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

HBO and Vibrators

Soooooo last night I woke up, to some very strange(I mean naughty) things on TV.
Why was the TV on a 1am you ask?
 Well let me just tell you. The sportsman cant go to sleep without it on.
Normally we set the sleep timer. So that it does not stay on all night.
Hence the fact that I was awake, the lights from the TV wake me up.
SO when I woke up and looked to see what was on TV, I was amazed at the show.
The channel was on HBO. The show was “Real Sex”.
The things they were doing.  Kinda made me blush.
Yes ME!
I had no idea what kind of shows were on HBO late nights.
I have to tell you after I watched it a bit I started to get just a little, Ok totally completely aroused.
To the point that I got out of bed, got my vibrator (BBD)and snuck off to the spare bedroom.
Now I am sure you are wondering why didn’t I just wake up the sportsman. Right?
Well 1) he has been sick this week with a stuffy head and well 2) I just needed a quick orgasim.  I didn’t want to have to worry about if “rockstar sportsman would show up or not. Just needed a quick fix.
You get where I am coming from right?
There is no shame in this, no ones feelings should get hurt right?
There’s noting wrong in self pleasuring right?
If I get into trouble with the sportsman I am totally blaming it on  HBO.

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