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Monday, December 20, 2010

GOT the munchies?

I l o v e  peanut butter alot, almost as much as
I l o v e  cinnaman.
For some reason, I have the munchies this this am. I can’t stop thinking about those tootsie roll lolly pops.
You know which ones, they had that commerical (way back when) you know the one with the freakin owl, “how many licks does it take to lick a tootsie pop” or something like that . You get the gest of it right?
I love to lick them, but I hate the middle. I always throw away the sucker away after I have licked all of the outside off.  Same with oreos. I like the middle c r e a m  but, hate the chocolate outside.  SO I throw away the part I don’t like.

I know what a waste. Right?
Can’t helpt it, I’m just NOT a big chocolate lover.  I’m more of a vanilla girl.

I also really like those little fishy crackers but the pretzel version. 

But I have to wipe off all the salt before I eat them.
They are just w a y too salty for me.
I know I’m just a little odd.  But if I were just like everyone else then I wouldn't have anything to make me special.

Oh, yeah and what about those orange peanuts.  My grandpa used to keep those out at his house and everytime we would go to visit I would eat all of them till I felt like I was gonna vomit. Those were the days.
Just sayin
Well, I should probably get back to the grind. Yes, I am at work. Till Wednesday. Gotta keep busy.

 So, No more thoughts of food for the day.
Now tell me whats your fav’s? Come on I need some entertainment while I am at work today.
SO be good friends and play along. Will ya.

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