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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Do you really know me ?

After a convo I had with my
newest GF about our (not so long ago)night out,

It got me to thinking.
Did Mr. Big really ever know me?

During a conversation(that night),

 I had with "Mr.Big", it appears he

knows ALOT more about me than I thought he did.
I guess "Mr.Big", must have really
been paying attention, all those times I was talking.
Does anyone really know anyone?
Does it really matter? That "Mr.Big", knew me at all.

I like to think it does/did matter.
I think the more you know someone the better you can understand them.
You know, be in tune with them. 

Isn’t that the point behind pursuing someone?

You’re wanting to get to know all you can about that person.

I know I share alot on H E R E with everyone,
I don’t think anyone really knows everything about me.
And maybe you never will.

So I thought I would give you a little quiz today to see just how much you really do know about me.

Let’s just see who has been paying attention around here.
This will be fun right? Of course it will be.
Do you really have anything better to be doing right now?
So I’m gonna list some questions here, and you get to see just how many of them you can get right. 

How well do you really know me?
Okie Dokie, here we go.
How many times have I been married?
What kind of car do I drive?
How do I take my coffee?
What is my all time favorite band?
What religion am I?
What is my favorite sexual position?
How many brothers and sisters do I have?
Whats my favorite scary movie?

What is my favorite color?
If you get them all right, then I will share with you something I have n e v e r shared with anyone before.
Good luck.

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