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Monday, December 27, 2010

Bottled Water and Tooth Decay

Recently I came across some info about how bottled water is one of the biggest causes for children having such bad teeth. Its called freakin “Tooth Decay”.
Ok, well its not totally directly the cause.
If you didn’t know, there has been a sudden rise in tooth decay in children.
The reason behind it is, more kids are drinking bottle water.  Reasons being,
 1. It's conveint,  2. alot of peoples lack of trust in municipal water.
Which means they are drinking LESS tap water , which is where they get their floride from.
Did you know………
The addition of fluoride to water for the purpose of preventing tooth decay began in the 1940s with the belief that fluoride's primary benefit came from ingestion of fluoride during the tooth-forming years.
 It is now acknowledged by the dental research community, however, that fluoride's primary benefit comes from topical contact with teeth, and not from ingestion as previously assumed.
You learn something new everyday.
So I thought it was worthy of checking into.
You know,dig a little deeper.
Now I know that at my house we buy water bottles,  but they are to take with us to sporting events. When we are at home, we drink out of the tap.
I am curious, how many of you drink out of water bottles vs the tap?
What are you thoughts or opinions on this subject?
I’m interested.

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