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Monday, November 29, 2010

Studio Apartment Decorating

If you have bought a studio apartment, then let me tell you that decorating the same can be real fun. Studio apartment is nothing but a single room space without any partitions and well defined spaces. Unlike other apartments, these do not have different bedroom, living room and kitchen. All these elements need to be fit in the same single room by creating different areas in available space. If you are staying in a studio apartment, also popularly known as efficiency apartment, then you must go through the studio apartment decorating tips given below. Let me tell you that while studio apartments are small and inexpensive spaces, you need to design them smartly so as to make maximum use of the available space.

Tips for Decorating a Small Studio Apartment

Design It Rightly
The first small studio apartment decorating ideas is to design a plan. There are various ideas for decorating studio apartments which you can work upon. These include creating different areas in the available space. The basic areas will include a cooking space, dining space, bed area/relaxing space and the living area/entertainment space. In case you have very small studio apartment, you can combine the dining and cooking space by using smart furniture pieces. Purchase furniture depending upon the studio apartment design only. Usually the bed area needs to be set in a corner and you can have living space at the center with dining area designed adjacent to it. Cooking area must be located near a proper ventilation and have essential plumbings. Bath will be situated depending upon the design of entire building.

Compact Furniture and Furnishing
While you work on the studio apartment decorating ideas, furniture plays an important role. All you need to do is get in some compact as well as functional furniture pieces. Studio apartment furniture should be sleek and not at all look bulky. Multifunctional sofas, wall cabinets, kitchen trolleys, foldable beds, foldable recliners, wall mounted entertainment center are the best pieces which can be added to your apartment. You cannot miss out the wonderful wooden partitions that can be used to create separate spaces in your home. Also, believe me, furnishing a studio apartment rightly is the key to revamp its look. Add bright area rugs, curtains complimenting the wall paint colors and a few throw pillow to fancify the space.

Lots of Smart Storage
While decorating a studio apartment, the primary thing that you can't miss out is adding as much as storage furniture as you can. So one of the studio apartment ideas is to have a huge floor to ceiling cabinet used as a partition creating a cozy bedroom. It will also offer you lots of storage. Maintaining uniformity in the furniture and storage cabinets and shelves in terms of material and finish is the best studio apartment decorating idea. You can also have wall mount cabinets above the kitchen countertop and above the windows as well. Consider storage as a priority while buying any furniture piece. Most of the beds and tables offer lot of room for storing objects. These are the best ones to be picked.

Studio apartment decorating is all about using each and every corner and space available smartly and creatively. Look for end of season sales and online deals to find cheap furniture sets and storage cabinets. I am sure that how to decorate a studio apartment is no longer a tough task for you. Then get started with the interior designing plan and implement the various ideas for decorating this small space to have a lovely house ready.

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