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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gobble Gobble- w a y later

Every year my mom has thanksgiving at her house. We have all our family over, even extended family. 
Which means lots and lots of people.
There is all kinds of "fun" going on at her house. 
It is a super good time. Ok maybe just a tad bit of drama, but who doesn't have that.
Then after dinner we all head down to the plaza to watch the lights turn on.  Its sweet.
It is a tradition. We are big on family traditions.
This year things have been tough between the sportsman and I. Emotionally I have struggled. 
When its thanksgiving time you should be all happy and things should be wonderful. You’re with family. Right.
The love should be poring out of you right?
I was hoping that I could pull my head out of my ass for a short bit and make it a special time for my sportsman.
He so deserves it. I know.
So just like every year the sportsman and I do the whole Black Friday shopping thing.
Why do we do this? I just don’t know.  I 've been sick lately. Not sure its such a good idea this year.
I swear it never fails the week before tempretures are on the 50’s then the week of Thanksgiving they drop to the 20’s. WTF?
Even with multiple layers, I freeze my ass off.
So I sat down with the sportsman prior to the big day, to discuss our plan of action for the shopping this year.
AS I have spoken of before. The sportsman has an entirely different view of spending than I do.
It does not matter if it’s a birthday, anniversary or holiday. 
Less is more he says. LESS IS MORE.
I disagree, but whatever.
The whole conversation took a turn for WTF, I don’t know.
B A D.
What should have been a quick chat about what presents we were going to purchase, ended in he doesn’t trust me and he knows I cheated on him in June this year.
Which by the way I totally denied and will continue to deny till the day I die.

Right or wrong .
So now you can see what kind of thanksgiving I potentially could of had.
A suck ass one.
IF wasn't for my sweet sweet charms and I worked my magic, well really my red lace panties from Victoria Secret worked some magic, so that the sportsman would feel a little more secure.
Along with some sweet ass sex on the table where the board games were being played.
Now I don't know if he walked away 100 percent more secure but he sure was satisfied.
AS for the spending. I did buy some stuff. There were lots of awesome deals out there.
and remember life is too short to just sit on your money.
I say spend- spend- spend.
Like there is no tomorrow.
You know when you go to heaven you can’t take any thing with you.
SO why not enjoy it now.
What cha waiting for?
Any big purchases for you this year?

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