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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

In the past we have always gone to my good friends house to trick or treat. (our boys have been friends since they were 4) The men would take the boys out and the girls would stay back at the house and get the food going.
Then last year the soccerboy wanted to change things up a bit. He wanted to have a party at our house, instead of going trick or treating. Which is to be expected. The boys were after all, 15 years old. Kinda too old to be out .
 Now, I am all about parties (adult parties) and having a good time, I mean fun. So we let the soccerboy have a party.
No harm, no foul.
Some silly string and water balloons. Loads of food.
No, not the kind of party you were thinking.
Just a group of boys hanging out doing stupid stuff.
No alcohol at my house.
I'm not one of those parents. So, I guess I'm not cool.
Nor will I ever be, if giving alcohol to minors is what it takes.
So this year we really won't be doing any trick or treating, since the soccerboy will be 16. He will be out and about with his friends in his new car.
Doing what you ask? Well probably nothing but wasting gas driving around.
Oh, that new found freedom.
Of course the tattoo girl will be out at a costume party.   She hasn't been trick or treating for awhile. She is after all 20 years old.
So anyways this year we actually bought candy to pass out. I am just afraid that since we have not really been home in the last couple of years, we may not get any trick or treaters.
So I did what any good parent would do. I bought only candy that we would eat. You know just in case no one comes by. We don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of crap candy now do we?
Even if we don’t get any trick or treaters, we will be dressing the dogs up. Since they love to participate in the holiday too.
Maybe the sportsman and I can dress up too. You know to scare the kids who come to the door.
What do you think. Maybe I could be sluty Dorothy. You know from the "wizard of oz". I mean I do live in Kansas after all.

But if I am sluty Dorothy then what will the sportsman be?
Most likely we will spend the night watching all the horror flicks that will be playing on tv.
It might be kinda nice you know, just the sportsman and I.
To have the house alone to fool around, I mean to role play, no I mean to sit and cuddle. Yeah thats it we will sit and cuddle the whole night.
I'm thinking I might just like this new tradition.
Sounds awesome doesn’t it.

Happy Halloween!

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