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Monday, October 25, 2010

Electronic Distractions

For awhile now (well since I got my iphone) the sportsman has had a big NO, a super huge issue with me being on my phone all the time.  I’m NOT really on it all the time, for real. Seriously!
Now he is totally supportive of me writing for my blog, which he knows I have. (we even discussed me getting one of thos mini computer note pad things, just for my writing)But the constant texting, checking of emails, and fb messages is driving him up the fucking wall.
Recently we cancelled our home phone (after 9 years) so my phone nubmer is considered our home phone.
So I  n e v e r  turn it off.
My biggest reason for this is when the tattoo girl or soccerboy are not home I want them to be able to reach me at any time in case of emergecy.
So I sleep with my phone. I know ,I know you don’t have to tell me.  It is totally wrong.
The sportsman has said on several occasions that I should turn it off when we go to bed
The reason being, every single time I get an email, personal and work my phone makes a noise.
Everytime I get a fb message it chimes.  I know there is a vibrate feature on this phone, but even on vibrate the sound in the middle of the night can be incredible loud.
It really pisses him off to hear the ding ding noise when a message or text comes in.
The bigger issue is when we are out, whether at the soccerboys games, or out to dinner my phone is constantly buzzing. Or I am texting someone.
It's not like I hide it from him. Even on occasion, I share with the sportsman what I am reading. Like Jersey Girl Gets Real blog page, or a funny remark on FB. Which again alot of the time is the Jersey Girls fb page.  She just cracks me up.
Now one would say, “why don’t you put it away while out with the sportsman”. Good point, except again this is our “home” phone and honestly the majority of the time it is my children that I am texting.
Hello that is part of being a parent. Being available 24/7.
So you can see how all this is totally annoying the sportsman in a major way.
I am working on it, seriously.  I have made more of an effort when we are out together that I don’t even pull the phone out of my purse.
Baby steps people, baby steps.
I know, where would the world be if we had no smart phones? 
 I’ll tell you,
with more free time
to just sit and reflect on life.
Not a bad thing I suppose.

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