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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Concert Review time, and How I almost got arrested 2 times.

Here is this week’s concert review. It was supposed to be Shinedown and Chevelle.

But that is not what you're gonna fucking get, You will however get a freakin review on Chevelle and LOVE IT!!!!

If it makes it any better I have some great  good  average photos you can check out.

So let me take you back for one minute. The reason I even got to attend this kickass concert was because of the sportsman.
Ya Sportsman!

The sportsman has been on a really good run, as of late with planning some really awesome shit for us to do on the weekends. So when the sportsman found out that Shinedown and Chevelle were coming to our area he made plans for us to go. How freakin awesome is that?
Even though, they are not his favorite. He was willing to go anyways just for little ole me.

So the concert was scheduled to be at the Missouri State Fair. (yah, not the best place to see a concert but what the hell)Which is held in Sedalia, about an hour and half away from where we live.

No biggie, we both took off early from work that day. So that we could get on the road and beat all of the crazy ass lake traffic.

Did I mention that, Friday was an ozone alert day? No? Well it was and it was hotter than hell outside.

So the sportsman and I got to the Fair grounds, we picked up our tickets (which were the 7th row from the stage- AWESOME) and we head for the beer tents.  Cause on a hot day who doesn't need some ice cold beer?
It just so happened that my first husband was running one of the beer tents. So we stopped by for a free couple of beers.

Yes, I get along great with my ex. He is a great guy, very funny, and a fun to hang out with.

So while the sportsman went to get some more cash, I was hangin out with the ex. I had ordered one of those “foot long” hot dogs. Well, I have to tell you when it arrived the Ex and I almost pissed our pants. There was no doubt it was a “Foot Long” but it was the skinniest fucking hot dog I have ever seen.

So you know from that moment on it was full on all dick jokes. All about penicl dicks and any other skinny dick jokes you have ever heard. We were laughing so hard, that when the sportsman came back he was all wondering what the hell was up. (the funniest part was the ex has huge one, so it really was an "inside" joke) ha ha ha

At this point, I only had two beers. Don’t forget that it was freakin HOT out, so I was sweating it out pretty damn fast.

So the sportsman and I head into the concert, we watch the first band (Chevelle) which was totally awesome. I couldn’t believe how great they sounded. They played for, I think 45 min.

So in between waiting for Shinedown to come on stage, a storm hit. The wind started whipping around, then it started to sprinkle. No biggie. That won’t stop a show right? So the sportsman and I head to get more beer while we are waiting. Since now we were on a Storm delay.

Not really sure how many beers I had at this point.
Too many, for sure.

But I do remember stopping to chat with a couple of young officers. Where I touched, the officer’s name tag and proceeded to tell him about how my brother was a Captain (well he freakin is!!!) and that I wanted his name so I could relay what a fine job he was doing.

The sportsman started to freak, and pulled me away rather quickly, while he told me that I could of been arrested. WTF? The sportsman says you NEVER touch a police officer. Huh? What?
I wasn’t doing anything wrong. So Whatever.

SO we left to get a really yummy funnel cake (which I will tell you later how they don’t mix well with beer).

At this point the wind is really blowing hard, I wore a black top, that ended up covered in powder sugar.

Which I found really fucking funny. but this was just another reason excuse for the sportsman to touch my boobs.

Did I mention that porta potties are not the best place to fool around? No, well if I had not been so drunk we would of NEVER gone in there. Anyway, that’s a story for some other time.

So we headed back to see if the concert was going to start. At this point it was 10:30. The sportsman and I were trying to decide just how long we were going to wait for Shinedown to play.

We went back out and stood with a bunch of other drunks in front of the stage and had a really good time. Waiting. We waited till about 11pm and then were told that the show was cancelled.

That really freakin sucked. Then it really started to rain hard and our car was parked way the fuck back at the very end of the parking lot. It was such a long walk I had to stop and pee along the way. Can you say long ass walk when you’re drunk.

All I can remember from this point on is not feeling so well and having the sportsman pull over along the freeway.

While I am hurling my guts out the door, within minutes a lovely young officer pulled over behind us, and the sportsman was shitting his pants. Not that he wasn’t sober enough to drive home, but he probably wouldn’t have passed a breath test.

So you can count that as #2 time that I could have been arrested in one night. The sportsman was beginning to get a little peeved at me.

Honestly, I have to say that after I threw up my lovely funnel cake, I passed out for the rest of the drive home. Which the sportsman said it took us two and half hours cause of the storm and rain.

It took me the entire next day to finally feel just a little bit better.

I have to tell you that the sportsman and I had the best time even with all that happened. We laughed and had so much fun just hanging out with each other. It was very refreshing. I had forgotten just how good looking he is when he smiles.

So that is my concert review on Chevelle. Maybe I will get to see Shinedown the next time they come thru town.

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