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Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Tattoo Care

Body tattooing is the latest craze to make a personal style statement, especially among youngsters. Before it was a part of many cultures but today, people get a tattoo done to look cool or just for making a fashion statement. Whatever is the purpose behind getting a tattoo done, it is to be remembered that the ink used in making the design is permanent. In short, this form of body art should not be taken lightly and one should weigh the pros and cons before getting it done, not to forget, the painful procedure of injecting ink under the skin layer.

If you think having tattoos is a cool style, get the procedure done from a qualified tattooist. You can visit a reputed tattoo parlor in your area for the process. Nevertheless, the care instructions regarding body tattoos do not end with the painful procedure. But, there are certain things that are to be followed after the procedure for proper healing. Hence, getting yourself aware about new tattoo care tips is imperative for getting satisfactory results.

How to Care for a New Tattoo?

So, you have a new tattoo of a unique design that you have been wanting for a long time. Now, it is your turn to practice self care tips for proper healing of the wounds. Make sure you take a note of the new tattoo care instructions given by your tattoo artist. Many people tend to neglect aftercare tips, which ultimately lead to skin redness, swelling and infections. Discussed below are some new tattoo care guidelines, which you ought to follow within the first few weeks after the procedure:

Don't Disturb Dressing
The process of tattooing causes injuries to the skin tissues, which are prone to infections. After the procedure is over, the artist will wrap the new tattoo with bandage. Do not take out the bandage for at least 3-4 hours, or as per the directions of the artist. This will help prevent bacterial infections over the fresh wounds.

Clean New Tattoos
Once you have removed the bandage dressing, gently wash the new tattoo by using lukewarm water and mild antibacterial soap. Do not use any abrasive cloth to clean the area while washing. Rather, use your hands to wipe off slimy plasma (if any) from the tattoo surface. After the cleaning is done, dab the site with a clean and soft cloth.

Moisturize Tattoos
Keeping the new tattoo moist for 2-3 days is crucial to reduce excess scabbing and fading of the color. You can use tattoo aftercare lotion recommended by the tattooist. Follow the usage directions mentioned in the leaflet. Other alternatives for moisturizing new tattoos include perfume free lotion and over-the-counter skin ointments.

Avoid Sunburn and Repeated Soaking
Protect new tattoos from sunlight exposure as far as possible. Other than cleaning the new tattoos, do not soak them repeatedly or for a prolonged period of time. You should take quick showers, while ensuring that you are not irritating the tattoos. Do not go for sauna treatment, spas and swimming until the new tattoos are healed completely. In short, avoid activities that cause soaking of the tattoos unnecessarily.

While getting a tattoo done, safe inks of varied colors are injected to the skin by using needles. So, it is usual to notice peeling, flaking and slight scabbing of tattoos, which are all signs of skin healing. However, if proper new tattoo care tips are not practiced, there are risks of infections and delayed healing. Very often, increased skin scabbing is manifested that cause fading of tattoo design and color. To be more precise, caring for your new tattoo by practicing correct methods is essential to avoid skin problems and at the same time, for getting clear and bold tattoos.

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