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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Knee High Boots for Women

A perfect walk with a perfect footwear is the most admired feature of a women's beauty. Women's clothing is incomplete without an attractive footwear. If we talk about fashion, it has been changing with the change of seasons, but the women's shoes has always been in fashion. For a perfect outfit one must have perfect matching boots. In this article, we will be discussing about the knee high boots for women and thigh high boots for women that have always been an incredible part of women's footwear fashion.

Women's Boots: Knee High Boots

Knee high boots for women, as the name suggests, these boots cover the part of the leg up till the knees. These high boots for women can be worn with the dresses such as short skirt along with stockings or over the trousers that gives a look of cowboy's boots for men. Wearing knee high boots also depends on the fashion and season. The length of these shoes end just below the knee cap. They come in many colors as well as designs and patterns. They can be made of materials like synthetic rubber, polyvinyl carbonate or from pure leather. The looks of the boots can be kept simple by making it plain and sober or it can be given a matted look. It can also be given a party look by making it glossy and shiny.

There are a variety of colors and designs available for knee high boots for women like layered fringe boots, tan leopard, black zebra, red paisley, zinc leather, dark-brown leather and many more. Every brand tries to give a variety of shoes and in almost every color. The ways of fastening too have variations like the boots can be strapped, zipped, buckled or braided. Lace up knee high boots for women look amazing with short skirts and is also a best way to show off your beautiful legs. The boots without fastener are also available that can be put on without much pain and effort. Knee high boots are generally worn with three inches heel or even more than that. The most common types of heel in knee high boots are platform heels and stilettos. The knee high boots are comfortable for daily wear as well as for parties. So, these boots fit in any occasion.

Women's Boots: Thigh High Boots

Thigh high boots for women, you can easily guess from its name that these boots are worn up till the thighs. The length of these boots may vary, but they are above the knee or you can say higher than the knee high boots. Their process of making is the same as the knee high boots, but the difference is only of the material that is much softer than the knee high boot material. The reason behind using soft material is the requirement of the boot to be flexible so that the movement of the legs could be without trouble because the boots will be covering the knees as well. These types of boots have gained popularity mainly because of its use and association with celebrities like Julia Roberts. Apart from this thigh high boots for plus size women are also available. The price of these shoes too have variations right from expensive to cheap thigh high boots for women.

Women's Boots: Calf High Boots

Another type of knee high boots are calf high boots for women that complements any type of skirt or jeans. But you don't have to worry even if you have large calf size. You can still go on with the fashion and flaunt your beautiful figure with wide calf knee high boots. They are similar to the knee high boots for women, but are wider at the calf region to make the shoes more comfortable for women with wide calf.

Women's Boots: Suede Boots
Suede boots for women became a part of fashion fever after the release of Julia Roberts' 'Pretty Woman'. These boots suit casual wear as well as formal wear. They are comfortable and easy to carry. Suede boots are available for different dresses in different designs and patterns like ankle length suede boots, knee length suede boots and thigh high suede boots. You can also get variations in style and size of toes and heel of suede thigh high boots for women.

So, now I am sure that after knowing about these thigh high and knee high boots for women, you would be tempted to buy one for yourself this season to be a part of the growing fashion. There is no doubt that high boots for women are going to be everlasting and an inseparable part of woman's attire.

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