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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The SUPER Sex Book

So in an effort to have better sex ,(who the hell doesn’t want that) with the sportsman.
Sorry, I didn’t mean who wouldn’t want better sex with MY sportsman.
I just ment in general who wouldn’t want a better sex life. Ha ha ha.

So I decided that a book might be just what we need.
So I suggested we go and check out the self help books.

You would sooooo  be surprised to know 1) how many weirdos hang out in this sex isle and 2) how many sex help books there are out there. WOW!

My big reason behind the sex “help” book was to better guide the sportsman on how I like to……………….

Well, um what's the word?
It’s not that he sucks at it. Let’s just say he could use some a little help.

The point behind the purchase of the sex book is, I’m hopefully wishing that the sportsman will read the book with me, and then he won’t feel so much like I am “instructing” him.

My goal is NOT to make him feel completely incompetent but to help him learn new things.

Shouldn’t he be open to new things? Shouldn’t he want to please me? Whatever it takes?

I am a firm believer that a good sex life is a big super big huge monstorous part of a marriage/relationship.

No, it’s not  e v e r y t h i n g  but it is very important.

So the sportsman and I went to Barnes and Knoble to look for the book that would be right for US.

The sportsman mostly looked uncomfortable, while I went thru every book on a freakin mission.
I mean come on its not like we were in a damn porn shop.

I didn’t have a problem with it at all. I made sure we looked thru every damn book they had to offer, as to make sure we picked the right one.

Hello, maybe this is part of our problem. The sportsman refuses to loosen up and move out of his comfort zone.

So after looking thru literally every book they had, I found a great one. It’s called “SuperSex”.

Now that’s a freakin title for a book!

It caught my eye that’s for damn sure. Plus there are all kinds of freakin pictures. Love photos!!!!

You know its that visual thing. wink wink

How can you go wrong there?

We have had the book for a week now. Let me just say that my intentions were for the sportsman to learn some new things, when what has really happened is I am learning some new things myself.
Knowledge is power.

So far the book is just making the sportsman horny as hell. Not really what I was looking for. We have already established that he is horny all the time.

So I will keep working on him.
keep you updated
on our progress.

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