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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Sportsman, A Fire Fighter?

Why not to, tell your spouse they should make a carreer change.

So I have been watching “Resuce Me
( a fire fighter show) on FX with Dennis Leary.

I have to say I just love this show. It reminds me that I really love fire fighters.

My Step-dad used to be a fire fighter and my uncle was a fire fighter.

It’s such a manly tough type of job. And who wouldn’t want to slide down that pole?
Hello!!! Me!
So, to say that fire fighters have been in my head lately is an understatement.

Anyways, last weekend when the sportsman and I were on our special weekend alone together (we had lots of time to talk) I happened to mentioned, that I thought he should be a fire fighter. His current job isn’t all that secure and fire fighters are always needed. No?

So I told the sportsman that he should check into it.
I was dead serious. As a back up plan.

That was the last time we talked about "it"
(fire fighters).

However, that same day and many times previously (in our marriage) I have mentioned to the sportsman that I would like for him to get a motorcycle.
I love motorcycles.

We are getting to the point in our lives(as soon as the soccerboy and my daughter moves outs) where we could go some place for a weekend on a long ride and not have to worry about any kids. Doesn't that sound like an awesome good time?

So the other morning we were in the shower together and I mention to the sportsman again, just joking about the fire fighter thing.

To my surprise, the sportsman turned and looked me dead in the eye and ask me if I was having an affair with a fire fighter, who drives a motorcycle.
I busted out laughing.

My reply was “ are you freakin serious”?
I am soooooo not having any affair with any fire fighter.

Sounds to me like the sportsman is just a tad bit on the paranoid side. What cha think?

Can't anyone take a freakin joke anymore.
Chill the fuck out already.

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