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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Romantic Sportsman

After leaving my sportsman for a couple of days. When I returned the sportsman and I had a sit down.

We talked. Really what I mean is, I talked.  Then I cried.
I expressed myself.
I shared what was making me so unhappy.

Then the sportsman expressed what was making him unhappy.
Then I cried some more.
I hate crying. It just freakin sucks.

 So the beginning of the week was a real tough one.

Then the sportsman approached me and said that he had something special planned for the upcoming weekend.

I was a little leary, of spending a whole day alone with the sportsman. Much less an entire weekend alone.  Since, as I said before we are really struggling right now. But I agreed to it anyways. I am always open to try new things, at least once.

The sportsman never told me what or where we were going. It was all a BIG surprise. Which I have to say I really liked. I love surprises. I give him a freakin A for effort!

So starting off that morning, I was kinda in a funk (as you know from a prev. emotional issue I was having).
The sportsman and I hit the gym first thing and then we went home to get ready for our “special” day out together.

So I asked the sportsman, what did I need to wear/take for the day?

His reply was “wear comfortable shoes and shorts”. My reply to that was, "so I don’t need to wear a bra or panties?" Ha ha ha
I know always the freakin comedian.

Of course his reply was “ panties are opptional”.

So you know me, I went without. It was after all a really freakin HOT day out.

So far that morning we were getting along, so I figured how bad could the day be? We drove for what seemed like forever (not really). We had a good time talking in the car, just the two of us. Alone.

No kids, no dogs, no one but US.
I even turned my cell phone off.
(well at least for a couple of hours anyways)

Our final destination was Lawrence Ks. Which is where the Sportsman went to college. It's a big college town.

They have awesome shops and really cool hippy type places to eat and hang out.

Let me just add that I was soooooo hoping that our day he had planned, was not us going golfing.

Not that I don’t want to eventually, but for our “special” day alone together,  I just really didn’t want it to go golfing. I was sooooo greatly relieved to see it was something else.

The sportsman even researched and found a great place for lunch that had veggie burgers just for me.
Ahhhhhhh, how freakin sweet is that?

So we walked, talked, shopped, ate, and had yummy ice cream. We totally enjoyed the day alone together. Then we headed for home.

The original plan was to go to the Royals game after, ( I l o v e baseball ) but honestly, after walking all day in the heat I just wasn’t up for being out in the sun anymore for the day.

So I guess there might still be hope yet,
 for the sportsman and me?

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