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Monday, July 26, 2010

The low down or down low on BJ's

I thought I would start this Monday morning off with a BANG.
So I'm gonna discuss a topic that makes some people feel a little prickly.

The topic is "B.J.'s".
I want to get the low down on them.

The giving of them. Well and mens thoughts on the receving of them.

I get it that this can be a touchy subject for some. I also know its not for everyone.

It can be hard subject for some to talk about, especially for those who have a hard time discussing “sexual” types of things anyways.

So since I don’t have an issue with discussing this type of thing I’m ok with asking the questions that I know a lot of women want to know the freakin answers to.

What I really want to know is when a guy goes on and on about how freakin a w e s o m e a girl is at B.J.’s does he really mean it?
is it just a way to cheer a girl on and help her get more into the “giving” process? Basically for his benefit.

Because I have been told in the past that I am really good great freakin awesome. So does that mean that I AM really good?

The sportsman has said that he likes it but he doesn’t really express himself, that I am really good. Hmmmmm, now that doesn't sound very convincing.

So now I wonder, maybe I am not really good at all.
Maybe I really s u c k. No pun intended.

Can one really suck at giving a B.J.? Is there a wrong way to give one? Are there practice methods that can be used to become better?

Is it like when a girl fakes an orgasm? You don’t want the other person to feel like shit or that they aren’t pulling their weight so you fake it. You act like you’re really freakin into it and enjoying it, all for their benefit of course. (and No I have never faked it)

What are the real signs that you are awesome at it? Besides the obvious.
What should you do to be awesome at it?

Is there a secret art to it that women don’t know about? That only a man can share? Stuff that you cant get from a book.

These are things that I think are important to know if you want your sex life to be awesome. Or at the very least not grow stale.

Am I wrong here?

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