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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I should of been a Dude

I am beginning to think that I should have been a guy.
I can appreciate a nice piece of ass. I like fast muscle cars. I even love sports.

My one down fall is, I do like to cuddle, like no other.

BUT when its all over at the end of the night. I want your sweet ass to go home.
I like/enjoy my space and time alone.
Don't hate me for being honest.

The difference is, I sooooooo prefer to remember guys when they look good, smell nice, and taste yummy.

That’s why I don’t like (prefer not to) to live with guys(well really anyone).
I like/love to visit, hang out, and go places together.
then at the end of the day everyone needs to go to their own place.

Ok, maybe a sleep over here and there is ok, but don't get too freakin comfortable.

Now don’t get me wrong I don’t have a problem with the caring or being romantic part (which most men are lacking in this area).

I can be v e r y romantic.
I love to show effection.
I love to be loved.
I'm just very selective in who receives my affection is all.
With my creative mind, you know I can come up with some crazy "romantic" shit.

I guess I know that I am different. I'm ok with that.
Not sure if this makes me
 better or worse
than the average women.

But I am who I am.
And I'm not gonna change for just
you would have to be
 pretty damn special.

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