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Friday, June 18, 2010

Your Fathers day request is what............

So everyone knows, lately I have been putting an active effort into getting along/pleasing the sportsman.

I have tried to spend less time out with friends and more time with him.

I have even made the effort to make plans that would include him.
See, I can be an awesome wife. I'm trying to think about his freakin feelings for once.

So since this weekend is Fathers day, I thought that maybe I would try and do something extra special nice for him. Since after all, we will have that whole day alone together. Wink Wink

I am a very creative person you know. I can think of a million wonderful things to do. So I had all of these kickass ideas of what I wanted to do for the sportsman on Fathers day.

First we would most definitely be sleeping in. Then I was thinking about some naked breakfast. Don’t worry I'm not fixing anything that could possibly burn me. Then I was going to offer up a nice naked seaweed massage .

Which almost always leads to a little hanky panky. (and of course some other stuff I probably shouldn’t share here ).

Then after a couple of hours of rolling around in bed, I thought we would head out for a nice lunch somewhere on the plaza.

Now, doesn’t that all sound just awesome wonderful dreamy kickass amazing? Well since it is HIS day after all, I thought I should run these things by the sportsman first to see if there is anything I missed that he really wants to do on HIS day of relaxing.

Wouldn’t you know that the reply that I got from the sportsman was not a huge surprise, it appears that the sportsman was looking forward to catching up on some fucking golf.

Really? WTF? That is all he was thinking about doing on HIS alone day with me!!!!!!!!

Hello, I get it that he is all about sports, but when is it too much? Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this?

Now can you see where my frustration lies with the sportsman. What the hell?

I am working my ass off to make things better and this is what I get.

MY reply to the lovely sportsman was, that maybe, just freakin maybe he would get his wish and I would leave him all alone for the day and he can enjoy his freakin golf.

This was going to be a happy day that has now turned sad before it even begun.

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