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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Flash Flood and little tiny dogs

We have had a lot of rain here in the freakin Midwest for the month of June and this last weekend wasn’t any different. Which to me is just freakin crazy it is June for crying out loud.

Why so much rain???? Enough already, bring on the damn sun and heat.

So as usual, every weekend I take the dogs for a run after I get home from the gym. They just know when I put on my running shoes they are going to get to go outside with me.

So when the sportsman and I returned from the gym, the sky was kinda getting gray and dark in an area. No biggie right. It will just blow over.

That’s when the sportsman reminded me if I went for a run with the dogs that I should stay close to home.

Do you think I listened to him? Hell No!

It wasn’t even freakin raining out. So off we went. The Wiener “Rufus”, the chihuahua “Moog” and I.

Now as a norm we run down to the park and back. It is 2 miles to the park. So the run is a total of 4 miles. No biggie for a real runner. However, for me and the little tiny dogs it’s a challenge to run the whole way. Besides you have to take in account for all the “pole/fire hydrant peeing” we have to stop for.

So we/I don’t listen to the sportsman. We get all the way down to the park and we are on the return trip back and we start to hear the loud crackle and booms. No biggie again, its not raining yet. It freaked out the dogs a little but we were determined to get our run in.

Less than a minute later it started to dump. Not a sprinkle but freakin DUMPING! The wind picked up, it was a damn flash flood. So I start to really run. I am draggin the little doggie asses behind me. I try to run from tree to tree to hang out under neath thinking that maybe the sportsman will come looking for us.
No such luck.
So we kept running. It was coming down so hard and the wind was blowing that I couldn’t even see to run. I even ran a bit with my eyes closed. Everytime we crossed a street the water that was running down the gutter was so deep and flowing so fast it almost swept the little dogs away.

It seemed like it took us forever to get home. The last little bit of the run there is NO trees to hide under so we full on ran. I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

Did I mention that neither dogs like to be in the rain at all. On days it rains and the dogs go out back they hide under the eves of the house as to NOT get wet.

So we finally get home and I get in the front door and I’m screaming we need towels!!!!! I am soaked to the bone. The dogs were also soaked and not happy.

However, I get No answer.

So I yell again. Still no answer. WTF! Are you freakin kidding me.

I then realize that they have left to go looking for us. So I strip down and tie the dogs lease to the front door handle and go get towels to dry us all off.

Finally the sportsman and soccerboy show up. That was when the sportsman said, “I told you not to go far from home”.

I'll give the sportsman this one. It's one of the few times that I should of listened to him.

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