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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Commando- Is it just for men?

Here is a question I have often wondered about. Is going “commando” only allowed for men? Or should I say is it only acceptable for men to do ? I’m not saying I go every day without panties, but what the heck there are days I just don’t feel it's necessary. Hell, if it's ok for the Victoria Secret gals, its good enough for me.

Why is there such a double standard for men and women. I am pretty sure that I can do about 90% of the things a guy can do. Some of them even better than a guy.

I know a lot of women who go “commando”. I am no fan of the “Thong”. To be perfectly honest I would rather wear N O T H I N G at all then have a tiny piece of material riding up my ass literally all day long, and all for what no pantie lines??

What the hell. If you can see my pantie lines then your looking way too close at my ass. Besides I don’t necessarily find the “thong” to be all that flattering.

The problem I have is with people who think there is something wrong with going without panties. It honestly is NOT a sexual thing. It is more of a comfort thing, a freedom thing, a I can do what the hell I want kinda thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that a good ole pair of cotton panties are a bad thing.
To each his own.
What my beef is, don’t you find it strange, that people wear underwear? Why is it the norm? Why isn't going commando the norm? Does anyone really need to wear underwear at all, if you have pants on? Who made the decision that people should wear underwear anyways?
The person who invented them?
I’m not saying that everyone should start going commando, I’m just saying don’t you ever wonder about it?

I mean hey come on, Adam and Eve were naked running all around the land, and nothing was said about that. It’s all natural.

Just a thought.

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