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Monday, June 21, 2010

As of late I have been in the “Passion z o n e.

Good, Bad , or Indifferent.

 It kinda feels damn good!

I can only assume that I am like alot of women out there who are very passionate about things in their life.

I’m not just talking about sex, even though I talk a helluva lot about it.

Sometimes it comes across that I am some what of a perv (well hell, I guess I kinda am).

Anyways, what I am talking about is in general I am very passionate person about a lot of things. If I do say so myself I think that’s a kickass characteristic to have.

If I believe in something, I am 100% committed. How many people can honestly say that?

I have passed this quality onto my children. I have told them to find what they are passionate about and then dive right in. It's an awesome feeling.

Currently, I am very passionate about something. The problem, well not really a problem, is that I don’t completely/totally understand why. Just yet. I just need some time to think.

I know that I probably should just roll with it. That is what my gut instinct is telling me. It’s just I am one of “those” freakin people that doesn't trust very easily.

So I want/need to know why I feel this way. So I can go forward and give the 100%.

I know with my current situation with the sportsman, that all of this is very poor timing. So I have been doing a lot of thinking. I’m not saying I am doing anything drastic.  So freakin chill ppl.

I am somewhat analyzing at the present time. There is nothing wrong with that. Wouldn't you agree? I'm really all about the carefree way of things. I hate complications.

I also know I have said it a million fucking times before, but it's true. LIFE is too short. My biggest daily fear is that I will die not ever having really lived.

I'm currently in search of those things that make me happy and rolling with them because I am fully freakin aware that you make your own damn happiness. So I am working on what makes me happy.

Same as my other post’s this will be a reoccurring fucking theme.

To Be Continued……………………………….

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