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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You put what on your leg??????

If you remember not too long ago I talked about my moms cat, and how she had to shave it , they call it a "Lion" cut(to put this slimy medication on) cause it had ringworm. Go HERE If you need a refresher OR to see the freakin funny ass photo of her c a t.

In case you are not aware of what ring worm is, I will give you a little bit of 411.

Ringworm: a fungal disease of the skin, scalp, or nails in which intensely itchy ring-shaped patches develop.

Sounds yummy right.

So anyways, to back things up a bit. My mom had ringworm on her leg. That is how she found out the cat had it. Also cause there were huge chunks of the cats fur and skin falling off. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

Now my mom has had it (the ringworm) since Jan, yes folks that is 5months. She went to the doctor and has been putting ointment on it. However that shit wasnt working, so she went back to the doctor a 2nd time, and they gave her a new script. That she did NOT get filled, why you ask? Cause it was like $60 and she refused to pay that much for ointment.

Might I also add that the cats ringworm has already cleared up.

Sooooooooo I am at her house this last weekend and she makes me swear I won’t tell my sister, but…………………….

She has been using the cat’s ointment for HER ringworm that she has on her leg. WTF??? Seriously.

After I quit laughing my ass off, I reminded her that if the tube says for dogs, cats, and horses then she probably should not be using it.

In her defense, it is finally clearing up her ring worm and I haven’t noticed any weird mental things going on with her, so she must be ok.

However, one never knows about lasting effects of using an animals medication.

(Other than the week before when we were all over at my moms house, she offered my nephew some sun flower seeds, my sister says "um I didnt see any in the kitchen where did you get those"? My mother replied, the bird seed bag.)

So should I be concerned? or is this an age thing to be a little quirky?

Let me add that while she has had the ringworm, I have not used the toilet at her house. Is that wrong? Does it make me a super germ freak? Of course.

But what the hell. I am not taking any chances on getting ringworm on my leg or vagina.

AS you can tell its freakin damn hard to get rid of.

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