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Monday, May 17, 2010

Where One Road Ends Another Begins

This last week with all the posts from the Momalom challenge, I have come to realize a few things.
The challenge was to write about 5 words. Your posts were put out there for everyone to read.

One of the words was “Happiness”. Realizing that in general I always write stuff that is just a little outside the box. It was no surprise that my post was a lot different than everyone elses. The other posts I read made me somewhat sad.

Sad because they all wrote about things that made them happy in their life. While I wrote about happiness I thought I had, that was quickly sliping away.

Their posts made me realize many things. Things about myself and about others. Things that maybe I had been shoving way back there in the back of my fucking head, what the hell obviously I didn’t want to deal with them.

So , 1st off I came to realize that I have many awesome great fantastic kickass honest caring virtual friends out there.

I want to thank every one of them for all the great heart felt comments.


2nd I’m really not a very happy person. I am for show.(meaning I pretend to be happy in the presence of others. FYI, I’m pretty sure that is NOT the same as being fake). I just chose to sheild my family from the needles worry and/or stress.

For someone who has everything, great husband, great kids, great family, great job, great car, great house, great dog(you know I would never leave out mentioning my little chihuahua), and the list goes on and on. I wasn’t living life like someone who had nothing but good in her life.

Yes, I have had some speed bumps in life, but nothing horrific.

While I am no pesimist. I certainly wasn’t behaving like someone who exuberated peace and happiness.

In reading, all of these other posts, it made me really think.

Let me tell you, reading all these other posts was way cheaper than going to a freakin counsolor.

So I guess I really owe “Momalom” a big thanks. For having a part in the new “ME”.

In my future I want more peace in my life, more contentment, and lots more smiles.

So look out everyone for a new and improved better ME!

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