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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Whats in a NAME

I got to thinking the other day, about how no one really knows why I picked my blog name. Maybe you don’t really give a shit.

 Also I don’t think I ever really explained why I call my husband the “Sportsman”. So it made me think about some of the blogs I read and how or why you came up with your blog names.

I know that most of us use fake names for our children and our spouses, but I always wonder why some ppl chose certain names.

So this is me being nosey. I wanna know.
Why you chose the name that you did. I find it very interesting. I can only assume that the name that you chose describes you as a person or your life.

I may be completely freakin wrong, but that doesn’t make me any less curious.

So here is why I chose “SoccerMom08”, I am in deed a soccermom. If you need the definition as to what exactly that is, you can go HERE where I have explained in one of my oringials posts.

So, my son plays soccer and his # is 8. He has had that # since he was four years old. It is his lucky #. Why he chose that # all those years ago, I don’t know. I mean come on he was freakin 4 years old. What do you know at 4?

As of recent I have become a little concerned about what I will do when my sons graduates, cause then technically I won’t be a “soccermom” anymore. (unless he goes on to play at college)So does this mean that I should change my blog name? or should I leave it the same.

Now for why I call my husband the “Sportsman” it’s no secret that he is obsessed with sports. Watching, listening and playing. Any and all sports. Sorry nothing interesting behind that one.

AS for my pets, well hell those really are their names.

Moog (the chihuahua) was named after the guitar amplifier "moog".
Maile (the chihuahua) is named after the samoan word for dog.
Rufus (the wiener) well hell I’m not really sure where we got his name. I think it just stands for aka “Fat Ass”.

So, come on please share with me
and well
how you came up with your name.

Curious minds want to freakin know.

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