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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Veggies are for what?

I try really hard to eat right. My family buys a lot of shit at the freakin health food store, which by the way if you don’t already know. That shit is expensive. No wonder the U.S. has such a problem with ppl being over weight.

 Who the hell can afford to eat good. Seriously.

Anyways, did you know that there is also all kinds of organic hair, body, face, lips, and even baby care shit out there? I had no freakin idea.

So recently, while I was out “blowing money” as the sportsman likes to put it. I was about to buy a bottle of a $17 dollar something, and my daughter says “hey lets check out the organic stuff”. I was all “WHAT organic stuff”? So she opened my eyes to all kinds of new stuff.

In case your not aware of what organic means, here is the definition.

1. Organic: foods that are made in a way that limits or excludes the use of synthetic materials during production. The use of conventional non-organic pesticides. It means animals that are antibiotics and growth hormone free.
2. developing naturally: occurring or developing gradually and naturally, without being forced or contrived.

In the end I put back the $17 dollar bottle of shampoo and picked up the "Say Yes to Carrots" shampoo. Which also was cheaper.

There are several other different organic brands out there. I just happen to really like the “Say Yes” line.

Which is kinda funny since I rarely say "Yes" to anything except SEX. ha ha ha

"Say Yes", has Organic Carrot, Organic Sweet Potato, and Organic Pumpkin in it. YUMMY!

Now they also have shampoos and conditioners that have tomatoes in them for volumizing and cucumbers that are for color treated hair.

All of the shampoos in the “Say Yes” line are paraben free and SLS Free.

I have been using it for awhile now and I think it is just AWESOME. Oh, and did I say it smells great too? Well it does.

So I decided that I should share this information with YOU.

The best part is these products are not expensive.

I promise you won’t ever hear me pimp out any product unless I love it or am personally using it.

So if you’re looking for something new or are thinking of trying out some organic stuff. You should totally check out Say Yes to Carrots.

 if you know of some other brand or products that are organic,
please share the l o v e.

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