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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh YES

Yes, was a nearly impossible difficult hard word to come up with something to write about.
As a NORM, I very rarely e v e r  say YES.

I am however the queen of the fucking word “Maybe”. Which hello, is aka for NO!
Just ask anyone who knows me.

Except, I always say YES to sex with the “Sportsman”. What the hell, who wouldn’t say yes to that????

So here we go.

One way that the word YES comes into play for me.

In my opinion, YES is a very powerful word. I believe it should be used very carefully. One should not just throw the word "Yes” around willie nillie.

I’ll give you a little insight about me. I have this big thing about whom I choose to be friends with. I am very freaky picky. (It has nothing to do with how your friends reflect what kind of person you are)

It is no secret that I don’t trust just anyone. I am SUPER big on loyalty.

So heres whats important to me, in a my world.

First, I am all about the type of friends that don’t judge me. Since I am not perfect.

Second it’s all about the kinda of friends that are always there for me. No matter what kind of shit I get into. You know the kind of friends that will drop everything just to come to your rescue cause you really, really need them. These same friends will never repeat what they saw.

Now, I have a handful of these kind of people in my life. This is partly my fault, I  just don’t trust.

I am not flippin paranoid or anything. I just have had too many people shit on me in the past. So this makes me just a little bit skittish when it comes to trusting.

What I’m trying to spit out is, I want to say thank you to those few kick ass friends I have.

Thanks for accepting me and all my weird, kinky, and strange shit.

So I say YES
my most awesome friends!

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