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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chips, Dips, and Whips

XXX- Lust

So I had this blow your mind dream the other night. Now this was no ordinary dream. Would you be surprised to know that it was a very sexual one? Of course you wouldn’t.

This dream was so intense. Almost like I was really there, if you know what I mean.
Wink Wink
As a norm I don’t dream much or at least I don’t remember what I dreamed. However, this time I did and let me just say it was soooo worth remembering.

So here I am with these two guys. (I know, can you freakin believe it 2 guys) I have never been in a three some before .

Not a huge surprise that these two hot looking guys are from my past .(HS) What the hell is up with that??? my past keeps creeping up on me.

So here we were just sitting back all of us nude and we were smoking some weed. Of course in this dream I have my kick ass H.S. body, not my current 40 something body.

Always gotta love those kinds of dreams. That is why it’s called a dream right. I can have anything my heart desires. Like being a rock star in bed or like having two men lusting over me.

I won’t give you details, since it would have a rating of XXX. Some things are better left to my own little private memory.

Now, I now what your thinking how can I be unfaithful and have a dream about other men when I have my hot sportsman.

Well I’m not sure, but I think that our recent issues/problems/fights has caused me to question my sexual attractiveness. I am after all 5 years older than my sportsman.

So I think it's only normal that I am having dreams where someone, well two someone’s are really into ME.

Who doesn’t need an ego boost now and again? I think most moms at some point like to feel like they still got “IT”. Not that any would actually act on it. It’s just nice to feel sexy once in awhile.

So have you ever lusted after someone? Someone you knew or someone completely unobtainable?

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