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Monday, April 26, 2010

Mystery Man of the 80's

I have shared before that I've had many a men in my life (No, that doesn't mean I slept with all of them, what kind of gal do you think I am?)

Back in the day, I was searching for that one Mr. Right.

I was fast moving. If you were interested in me and you took too long to approach me, well then you just missed your opportunity.

 Since, apparentely I did not have the time to wait around. (I’m not really sure what the freakin rush was back then, but ok whatever).

So recently I joined FB and since I have joined I've reconnected with all kinds of old H.S. friends, that I had not seen or heard from in over 20 years.

Yes, smartasses that puts me in the 40 something range.

I mostly joined cause my good friend Shann convienced me to do it. He is a really awesome friend (no, we did not date in H.S.).
Yes, I am getting to the point.
So, there was this ONE guy, back in High School. He was older, which makes him automatically HOT! So our paths crossed, but for whatever reason he didn’t prusue me. I thought there was some connection there. I guess I was wrong.

Maybe it was the massive freakin hair I had, that turned him off? You know in my defense it was the "IN" thing back in the 80’s! So anyways, I didn’t hestitate wait around dwell on it and so I moved on, to someone who was interested in me.

Over the years I have thought about "him" on/off multiple times . Always wondering about things.

What he had been up to the last 20 years;
Was he married;
Did he have kids
Is he happy;
Does he still live in the area;
What does he look like now;
Does he have a big penis (yes, I think of these things, since we never did date and I have a dirty mind);

and of course the BIG one;

Would he still remember that girl he took home once from a party? Maybe/Maybe Not.  All we had was a kiss. Was that enough to remember someone by? So I had all those what if’s just hanging out there for years.

So would you be freakin surprised to know that while recently on FB, I came across his name on someone else's FB friends list.

So you know what I did? Of course you know, I sent him a freakin friend request.

Hell Yes!


He accepted.

Now you don’t have to remind me that I am freakin married. I am fully aware. But, sometimes when you feel you had a "possible" connection once all those years ago, and it’s been in the back of your mind for awhile, don’t you think at the very least you should check it out to see if it really was something or just all that teenage nothingness? I just wanted to know.

So, I sent him a FB message, and wouldn’t you know he remembers me.

To be Continued…………………………

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