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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ding Ding Man

So everyone knows that most dogs hate loath want to kill dislike the mailman right? But do your dogs hate the freakin ice cream man too?

Recently with the up coming nice spring weather, the ice cream man has been out in full force in our neighborhood with his damn musical freakin truck.

Now I don’t think it’s just my dogs that hate this guy (maybe me a little too), I am pretty sure that most peoples freakin dogs hate this guy.

It’s that damn music, it’s so loud and he drives so freakin slow down our street. I understand that is a good thing, so that no small children are hurt or run over.

It’s just the music drives me crazy.

The other day our neighbor kids stopped him out in front of our house. You would think that if you are stopped that you could turn off the damn music. Hell NO , not this dumbass. He keeps it going. Meanwhile my damn dogs are going ape shit, running from the front door to back door barking the whole damn time. Want to know what it sounds like to have THREE little yippy skippy dogs all freakin barking at the same time. It’s pure HELL.

I have decided that next time he parks right in front of my house and doesn’t turn of the freakin music, I’m going to let all my dogs out. See what he thinkgs about that. My dogs may be small ankle bitters but let me just say, they have some really sharp ass teeth. You wouldn’t want them to bite you more than once.

Don’t get me wrong, I think its great that a guy who looks like a child molester comes around the neighborhood offereing little children ice cream . I just hate the damn music he lets play on and on and on!!!! Am I wrong here? Does anyone else feel this way?

It could be that particular day I was PMS’ing or maybe I’m just getting bitter in my old age. I don’t know.

I do know if my kids want some ice cream we hop in the freakin car and drive our happy asses down to Dairy Queen.

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