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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Child from a Broken Home

When I was 8 my parents got divorced. I was devastated. Then at some point my mom got remarried. My step father was a great guy. He was around the majority of my childhood.

 If someone asked me I would say, growing up I lead mostly a normal childhood. I say mostly cause you would assume that if a kid has a mother and father figure in the home that all would be good right?

Mostly the kids who have two parents in the household turn out to be relatively more normal than the kids who only have 1 parent.

However there is just something about little girls and needing to know that your father loves you. Let me share something with you that has taken me my whole life to figure out. Little girls who lack a regular relationship with their biological father have issues with men their entire life.

I know you have heard people say, “Oh, she has Daddy Issues”. Well it’s true. Not having a relationship with your natural father can screw you up for life.

I have first hand knowledge of this. I have went thru many men in my lifetime. It’s never been about sex. It was always about trying to find the one that “really” loved me. The one that I could trust. The one that would never leave me. The one who had my back. The one who would never cheat on me. The one who would make me feel needed. I have wasted many years of my life searching.

I have been married (3) three times. My current husband is the best. He is loyal, he would never cheat on me, and he truly loves me. I love him. I would never leave him.


Am I truly happy? Will I ever be?

Sometimes I wonder if I would be better off alone.

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