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Saturday, February 27, 2010


I’m thinking that maybe just maybe I should have plastered on my blog page “WARNING”!

 If you are the least bit sensitive then this blog is NOT FOR YOU!

Which is why my current dilemma has infuriated me. Ok, so it has done more than provoke me. I wouldn’t say that my blog writings are worse or better than others I have read. To me they are just average. No reason for alarm. Just a mixture of stuff. Some ha ha funny, some a little more serious, some factual informational stuff and some about family crap.

Maybe it’s because I am relatively new to this whole “Blogging” thing. I do not know. What I do know is, if you don’t like or aren't interested in what I write then don’t freakin read it. Pretty damn simple wouldn’t you think? I welcome comments all day long. What I don't accept is someone pissin and moaning cause they "think" I may or may not have written about them. Leave your comment and move on.

To those ppl I say, "Youre so vain, you  probably thought this blog was about you.

So after some commotion and re thinking who my true friends are. I have been compelled to change my old blog to invite only. Now that I have my new blog up and running , I swear this time I will be very cautious in who I give the link to.  That means absolutely NO co-workers!!

I’m sure in time (maybe 20 years from now) I will stop holding a grudge about what has transpired.

Its just I am one of those ppl who strongly believes in loyalty.
Once you break that with me, you may never get back in the “inner circle”. So basically, I will just cut you off.

they can’t blame me
for being banned,
 I warned them.

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