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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

FB Chatter

My beginning thoughts about FB were, it was only for all those young 20 something’s.
Then when I started a FB account of my own, only then did I change my opinion. I honestly can’t remember, off the top of my head who talked me into starting one. I guess it doesn’t really matter now. There won’t be any finger pointing or blame being placed for this happening.

I do recall the initial attraction was to locate old classmates from H.S. Since I moved away right after graduation, I have missed out on seeing a lot of people on a regular basis by living in town. It’s a little hard to run into old friends all the way over in Cali.

Um, jury is still out on whether that was a good or bad move. You would think I’d figured it out after 20 years.

So the first couple of months (yes, I was FB non-stop for months), I was completely addicted to it. As it appears most people are immediately after joining. I wasn’t so much on a mission to see how many friends I could get, cause that just isn’t my thing. I prefer to know you in advance in order for me to add you as a friend. I’m just weird about that. It was more about locating old classmates.

I had even gotten my old yearbooks out and was searching thru them to see if there was anyone I had missed. My sportsman thought that was silly. As I was searching for people I knew, I got a little frustrated with the people who were not on FB yet.


Who doesn’t have a FB page? Everyone who is anyone is on it now a days. Yes, I realize how idiotic that sounds now. Now, that I am not so wrapped up in FB every moment of the day.

After probably a month or so, my sportsman and son were starting to get really irritated with me, being on, not just FB but the computer all the time. Not to mention the fact that I was accessing it from my BlackBerry every time there was an update.

However what I did not know was our cell plan did not include the “data package”. Let me just tell you what the heck that means. It means my SPORTSMAN was going to kick my ass!

As soon as I figured out the error of my ways, I immediately quit accessing FB from my phone. Honestly by then it was too late. The cell phone bill came in the mail and wow, it was a doozy. I tried to head off the bill before my sportsman saw it, and that way I could try and explain.

In the end I offered to pay the amount that was over the norm of our regular cell bill. I won’t tell you the amount; you would just die if I told you. I also promised him that I would never access FB from my cell again. Whew, that was a close one. It could of turned out really badly.

So I continued to access FB in the morning and only an hour at night when I got home. I reconnected with some old friends and made some new friends. Even had a couple of beers at happy hours with theses new found friends. I also looked up some old boyfriends and chatted. To tell you the truth, there was a reason why I dumped them so long ago. I just needed a reminder.

At one point I even picked up a stalker. This is reason # 1 why you should not add someone as your FB friend just cause it says they have "71" of the same friends as you. I am living proof that it leads to nothing but bad things.

Initially, I was pretty upset. It really freaked me out. So I stayed off FB for a week or so. I even blocked all my photos and paintings from everyone for awhile. I felt very violated, and so for the first time I had to block someone.

Since I have joined FB it has already changed format several times. I’m not really liking the new format, but it doesn’t really matter to me. I only get on in the morning anymore and post my status. Every once in awhile I take the time to look at other peoples new photos. FB just doesn’t really matter as much to me anymore. I have just found other things that I would rather waste my time on.

It has lost its luster. OR………………………………….

Is it just the way I am? Lose interest easy, need something newer/flashier , more entertaining, a bigger high?

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