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Thursday, January 21, 2010

As If

Act “as if”, my mother always says.

When you’re in a situation that makes you feel scared, uncomfortable, and/or sad. Act “as if” everything is fine. That you are in control. Act “as if” your happy and confident. I know she has good intentions.

Well you know what; I don’t always feel freakin happy, good or in control. Sometimes I would rather just be like a crab and crawl back into my shell. I do get my feelings hurt and I don’t want to act like everything is fine.

I’m not sure if the purpose of this is to make you feel stronger in a situation or if it’s suppose to stun the opponent into thinking you have one up them. Honestly I don’t give a shit what the purpose of it is. All I know is there are times when I shouldn’t have to act “as if”.

So stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

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