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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pissy Housewife

No, I am not pissy due to PMS!!!!
I am disheartened with my sportsman. I know my frustration isn’t any different than the frustration that many women feel.

I keep reminding myself it’s a “guy” thing or It’s not me, it’s him. I also think it is a “how you were raised” kinda thing or maybe it’s my sportsman is 5 years younger than me???

It has taken me several days to calm down to even write what I am about to write. I’ve been apprehensive, that I would not go about it with a smile on my face or a song in my heart, but rather with extreme animosity. Also with Valentines Day just around the corner, I think it would be crafty of me to “play nice”, with my sportsman.

It’s just so hard sometimes. I know it’s said that, “any good marriage requires hard work”, but what the person who said that doesn’t bother to explain is how hard do you have to work, and what is too hard? Should it be so damn hard that you’re miserable? UGH!

My simple little storey is why I struggle with life with my sportsman.

It all started out a happy go lucky Saturday, my sportsman and I were letting my son drive us around, since he has recently gotten his permit.

We have had previous issues when all of us are in the car, and because of this it has been discussed, that only ONE parent is allowed to do the back seat driving instructing at a time.

So we are heading to do our weekend shopping. My son is driving, we pull into the parking lot and we are trying to find a place to park (without taking out the whole side of the nearest car). Meanwhile my daughter calls, frantic(she is the biggest drama queen, so everything to her is an emergency) she is telling me that her car tire is really low, it won’t fill up, and oh, by the way she is at a gas station that is in the “hood”. I am trying to instruct her and instruct my son on where to park, at the same time my sportsman is also instructing.

At some point I am screaming at my son as to what to do, telling my daughter I will have to call her right back, and telling my sportsman to shut the fuck up!!!!! Yes I said the “F” word in the car in front of my 15 year old. You also don’t have to point out how demeaning it is to say that to the person you are supposed to love.

Listen people it only got worse from here. We park the car and go in to do our shopping. I call my daughter back and now she is pissed at me cause I had to hang up and call her back. She wouldn’t initially even take my call. When she does answer, she yells at me that her being stranded in the “hood” takes precedence over me helping my son park the car.

Let me just say, I don’t deal well with multiple people yelling at me. I have to take a moment to regroup and to think clearly. The long short of it, and many phone calls later, to many people, (don’t even ask) my daughters boyfriends mother, who lives close by came and helped her change out her tire. So she could at least make it home.

So while we are standing in line to check out of Dick’s Sporting Goods, I tell my sportsman that we need to take my daughters car up someplace to get the tire looked at or fixed, since she has work on Sunday.

He turns to me with this dirty look on his face and says “Do you know how long you have to sit at those places and wait for them to fix a tire”? Like what he really was saying was, OMG I have other things I want to do today and the last thing I want to do is sit around some tire shop. I look back and him and I say, seriously, who is the man and who is the women in this family? I will take the fucking car myself and bring along a book. He then tells me, that I should call first cause they may not even be open past 5:00. I look back at him and at this point I am not talking quietly anymore but now rather loudly. Are you fucking kidding me I ask him. It has to get done, so I don’t care what we have to do.

This is where the shit really starts to hit the fan. I’m pretty sure the people standing directly in front of us would have preferred to get the hell away from us as quick as possible. So then my sportsman turns and walks out of the store and leaves me still standing in line

As if it could get any worse, I got stuck paying for my sons two pairs of Under Armour clothes at $114 dollars, so that he can play soccer next week outdoors. If that doesn’t add fury to the fire I don’t know what else would.

Honestly I wasn’t trying to meet some kinda potty mouth word quota for the day. I was just flabbergasted, that here my manly sportsman is not stepping up to the “father” plate. Seriously what the fuck??????

So we make it home, with me driving this time. My son is upset cause we were both yelling in the car and cause I didn’t let him drive home and my sportsman is now royally pissed at me. But I’m on a roll, I am so wound up that I can’t stop now. I continue the yelling and demeaning statements even after we get into the house.

I just wanted to know, why is it that anytime someone needs help my sportsman never volunteers? My sportsman’s reply was, he thought this should be used as a learning lesson. On how to take care of your own car. Does anyone else see an issue with this besides me? One she is a girl, two she is only 19 and three aren’t you suppose to go alone and instruct in order for it to be a “learning Lesson”?

If I am way off base here on all of this, then I will truly apologize to my sportsman in the way I treated him. I know it’s hard for you to give an accurate opinion and/or advice only hearing my side of the story.

So please give advice, I already recognize that I wasn’t pleasant , but I still feel that my sportsman should have stepped it up a notch.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Art of Deception

I was reading this National Geographic magazine, about Yellowstone and its “Super Volcano”. Ok smartasses, you got me. I don’t normally read these kinds of things. So I’m sure me just saying I read this, has you all rolling on the floor.

This is sort of long, but I promise I will get to the point.

So I was looking thru the magazine after I read the article, and I came across one that was on animals that mimic their surroundings. It said sometimes survival means lying, stealing, or sometimes vanishing in place. Really? That seems a little harsh.

This brought up old memories of a women/son/family, I dislike tremendously (It has taken me 2 years to say that I dislike them and not HATE) thanks to the counseling sessions with my freakin mother!!!

I will call them the katydid family, since the katydid is good at disguising themselves, and that is this family for real.

I truly believe now in the saying “Out of site, out of mind”! Just so you know I am not a mean person, but I have to tell you that my niceness has been pushed to its limits in dealing with this family.

I will give you a little bit of back ground, but not the whole long sordid history behind why I feel this way.

Deceptive is a nice word for what this woman really was/is. Thoughts that come to mind are liar, back stabber, opportunist, and brown noser are just to name a few.

I have known this family/woman since our kids were in grade school together. For many reasons I have decided I do not want any part of her or her family.

Rather unfortunately, our sons have gone to school together since kindergarten and played on the same competitive soccer team together for 6 years. So not only did I have to see her at every flippin school function , but then 2 times a week at soccer practice and every weekend at games or God help me, an out of town tournament. We also got invited to all the same “adult” parties. Where I did try and pretend to be nice for everyone else’s benefit.

I know, if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. I actually got to that point.

Every time we were around them I swear my blood pressure would go up. Which ment that anytime we were around them it put me in a totally bitchy mood. You know how it is, once your pissed it’s hard to just pretend to have a good time.

So all this started with a simple fight at school between my son and someone else’s son, who was a bully and had serious issues. The fight was at school (grade school), and the katydid kid was there to witness it. He however did nothing to break it up, but stood by and watched.

When I called the katydid’s mom (cause I thought we were freakin friends) to find out what happened at school, she explained to me that her son was friends with both kids and didn’t want to choose sides. WTF!!!!! Are you freakin kidding me! I don’t care, who is friends with whom, you don’t stand by and watch a fight and do nothing. Is it obvious that my kid was the one getting beat up.

I should have known that was the beginning of a hate/hate relationship.

The things I’m going to mention now have nothing to do with anything other than they just piss me off. The katydid’s mom is a stay at home mom; she makes it a point to let everyone know how many hours she has volunteered at the school. She claims to be a very religious person. There is nothing wrong with any of these things. Except someone who claims to be such a religious person doesn’t need to publicize it and if you were such a good person why do you need to toot your own horn about all that you do, unless you are just doing it to impress???? Not very Christian like of her.

I have to say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, cause the katydid kid is just like his mother. He is a huge brown noser, over achiever (for show), and a bully. That’s right, when he doesn’t think any adults are looking he is a complete jackass.

None of this should mean anything to me. It shouldn’t affect my life in the slightest. It is my own fault that I have allowed it to eat at me. The problem is that most people don’t know the real “katydid” all they know is the act they put on. So it makes me look like a bitch, cause I don’t like them.

So my dislike hate for this family has grown over the years, to where now everything is a freakin competition between our boys. If my son got A honor roll then her son had to go the extra mile and get principles’ honor roll. If my son got 3 goals in a game, next time her son worked to get more. It went on and on. We finally quit the soccer team, that wasn’t the only reason, but was a huge part of it. In order to get away from them.

Their family even worked out at the same gym as my family (BTW, we were there first!)

So finally the boys were in 8th grade at the jr high, and we were counting down the days till high school, cause once they hit H.S. they would be going to different schools, after being together for 8years.

So finally I am some what at peace, (thru the help of God and support of my mother) I don’t have to see them but occasionally thru high school games against their school. In the end it was best for my sanity and my son’s confidence.

It’s sad when you have to teach your kid at such a young age that life is not fair, not everyone plays by the rules or is honest. I am hoping that it has made my son a stronger person and not disillusioned him with the world.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What does your SHIT say about you?

What does your shit say about you?
Yes, I know a little about this subject.

You ask why? My mother is why. I know that like your nails, hair, and urine, they all say what is going on with your body.

For instance, your nail beds can tell you if your low on iron or calcium, your shit can tell you if you’ve got too much fiber or fat in your diet, and your urine can tell you if your dehydrated or if you have an infection.

All of these are very interesting important tid bits, but what I really want to discuss is public restrooms. This is not just about the fact that I am a clean person serious germ freak, more along the lines of the other people who use the public restrooms.

I just want to point out that I do not need to know what is going on with anyone’s body but my own. So why is it that every damn time I go into the restroom it never fails, the stall I pick is the one that someone has just taken a huge shit in. WTF???

I want to know how it is that you can take a huge shit and then leave and not look back to make sure that there is not shit still floating, smeared, and or cloggin up the toilet???????

So when I say that I don’t need to know what is going on with other peoples bowl movements for the day, what I really mean is HELLO  people you are sharing a bath room with like a million other people. Take the freakin time to look back before leaving the stall to make sure everything is “all clear”!

It's bad enough that I have to use the paper seat covers for fear that my ass will ultimately be touching someone else’s, but nothing grosses me out more then to see someone else shit.

I mean if the dog walkers can pickup their dog’s shit!

I’m just asking that you do your part,
 or things could get ugly here.
You have been warned!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Lady Parts

So I’m at the gym today. The one at my place of work. . Getting on my fitness. Normally, there aren’t too many ppl in there when I go. I try to beat the “lunch hour” rush. I have a friend/work out partner that goes with me sometimes.

The other reason I like to go earlier is I have the gym all mostly to myself. So I can get all the liftin and such I want in and not get interrupted.

I also prefer not to have ppl watch me. I know who do I think I am! That I think anyone would want to check me out. I’m not saying anyone would want to check me out.

I’m just self conscious is all about how I look. I’m not over weight, but I am certainly not the most fit person in the gym either. I am just average. Well as average as one 40 year old with two kids can be. I have been going to the gym for the last 8 years and for the most part always I go 6-7 days a week. Heavy sigh!

I know that when I met my sportsman, (who is 5 years younger than me) he never complained about my body. So why the need to bust my ass constantly? Hello, I just said he was freakin 5 years younger than me. What other reason is there?

Anyways, back to where I was really going with all this. A new girl came in the gym today. I have seen her before. My normal work out partner knows her. So I know she is my age and has older kids. She is in pretty good shape for someone her age.

First off I am no perv, but you would have to be blind to not notice her. She does dress a little younger than her age, but not in a trashy kinda way.

So I’m on the treadmill and she comes in and gets on the treadmill next to me and starts to run. Which stresses me out. Why? I don’t know. WTF! It might be part of my overly competitive nature. Now I feel like I should be running, but I am not much of a runner. I am a good , no fantastic kick ass race walker though. So I up my speed just a little. We don’t need any injuries today, from me falling off the damn thing. I try not to look over to see what she has the incline on or her speed at, without looking like I am looking. I have completely forgotten the TV was on at this point. I’m even talking to myself in my head. I try to focus on my music on my ipod.

Then two young 20 something guys come in. Here is my new name for these two guys. The twerps! Cause they piss me off. I‘ll save that for another day.

So now I feel even more pressured to look good while I am working out and sweating my ass off. Is that even freakin possible??? So after my 15 minutes are up I get off and move to the stationary bike, at least now I am not standing right next to this girl. Who needs that right. Not me.

So I am on the bike for 30 min listening to my music, chilling out a bit, but still freakin sweating up a storm. No way around not showering today.

Let me point out that I was in the gym for 45 minuets. The other girl that came in ran for 20 and then headed for the showers.

I was hoping to get done with the bike and get in the shower before her. So now I am secretly swearing to myself. Cause this means we will both be in there showering at the same time. I’m sure if I was a man writing this, I would definitely throw in some porno type music at this point.

So let me just say that I don’t have a problem with being naked or seeing other people naked. Not long ago I was very proud of my body. (ok, so it was in 1990) So I don’t know why I am being so weird about this today. Maybe its cause of the recent “bald eagle” incident? Also during this time another girl has come in and is headed into the locker room.

So now I look at my time and have decided that I need to hold on a few more minuets. So that the first girl is in the shower and the 2nd is headed out.

Let me just say now I know why my work out partner is so bothered by being naked and talking to someone while in the locker room. It has never been a problem for me, maybe because I feel comfortable around her. So I get in the shower, quickly like the speed of light and I shower off. As I am coming out of the shower a new girl comes in.

At this point I am stressing so much I think I now have the beginnings of a headache. UGH. Is there a way to dry off and sit down without showing off all your goods? Let me answer that question. The answer is, no freakin way!

OMG, So here I am trying to dry off, get dressed, and hold my towel at the same time. As both girls feel the need to talk to me and not just talk but make eye contact. Do I come off as such a social butterfly that everyone feels compelled to talk to me while I am naked?

Finally, it is just the first girl and I and I’m almost dressed now, yes she has been in there the whole time. Either she doesn’t have good time management or she isn’t in any rush to get back to work. So I’m turning to go and she drops her towel (yes, she has not been dressed this whole time). I find myself staring at her boobs. I can’t help it. She is my age and I’m curious. Hello, ppl she did just drop her towel right in front of me.

So here I am, its way past gym time and I am still thinking about this girls boobs. I even commented on them to my regular gym partner. No, I am not into chicks. I am just sad that we are both the same age and both have kids the same age and her boobs are better than mine.

I’m thinking maybe I need a boob job.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

As If

Act “as if”, my mother always says.

When you’re in a situation that makes you feel scared, uncomfortable, and/or sad. Act “as if” everything is fine. That you are in control. Act “as if” your happy and confident. I know she has good intentions.

Well you know what; I don’t always feel freakin happy, good or in control. Sometimes I would rather just be like a crab and crawl back into my shell. I do get my feelings hurt and I don’t want to act like everything is fine.

I’m not sure if the purpose of this is to make you feel stronger in a situation or if it’s suppose to stun the opponent into thinking you have one up them. Honestly I don’t give a shit what the purpose of it is. All I know is there are times when I shouldn’t have to act “as if”.

So stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

FB Chatter

My beginning thoughts about FB were, it was only for all those young 20 something’s.
Then when I started a FB account of my own, only then did I change my opinion. I honestly can’t remember, off the top of my head who talked me into starting one. I guess it doesn’t really matter now. There won’t be any finger pointing or blame being placed for this happening.

I do recall the initial attraction was to locate old classmates from H.S. Since I moved away right after graduation, I have missed out on seeing a lot of people on a regular basis by living in town. It’s a little hard to run into old friends all the way over in Cali.

Um, jury is still out on whether that was a good or bad move. You would think I’d figured it out after 20 years.

So the first couple of months (yes, I was FB non-stop for months), I was completely addicted to it. As it appears most people are immediately after joining. I wasn’t so much on a mission to see how many friends I could get, cause that just isn’t my thing. I prefer to know you in advance in order for me to add you as a friend. I’m just weird about that. It was more about locating old classmates.

I had even gotten my old yearbooks out and was searching thru them to see if there was anyone I had missed. My sportsman thought that was silly. As I was searching for people I knew, I got a little frustrated with the people who were not on FB yet.


Who doesn’t have a FB page? Everyone who is anyone is on it now a days. Yes, I realize how idiotic that sounds now. Now, that I am not so wrapped up in FB every moment of the day.

After probably a month or so, my sportsman and son were starting to get really irritated with me, being on, not just FB but the computer all the time. Not to mention the fact that I was accessing it from my BlackBerry every time there was an update.

However what I did not know was our cell plan did not include the “data package”. Let me just tell you what the heck that means. It means my SPORTSMAN was going to kick my ass!

As soon as I figured out the error of my ways, I immediately quit accessing FB from my phone. Honestly by then it was too late. The cell phone bill came in the mail and wow, it was a doozy. I tried to head off the bill before my sportsman saw it, and that way I could try and explain.

In the end I offered to pay the amount that was over the norm of our regular cell bill. I won’t tell you the amount; you would just die if I told you. I also promised him that I would never access FB from my cell again. Whew, that was a close one. It could of turned out really badly.

So I continued to access FB in the morning and only an hour at night when I got home. I reconnected with some old friends and made some new friends. Even had a couple of beers at happy hours with theses new found friends. I also looked up some old boyfriends and chatted. To tell you the truth, there was a reason why I dumped them so long ago. I just needed a reminder.

At one point I even picked up a stalker. This is reason # 1 why you should not add someone as your FB friend just cause it says they have "71" of the same friends as you. I am living proof that it leads to nothing but bad things.

Initially, I was pretty upset. It really freaked me out. So I stayed off FB for a week or so. I even blocked all my photos and paintings from everyone for awhile. I felt very violated, and so for the first time I had to block someone.

Since I have joined FB it has already changed format several times. I’m not really liking the new format, but it doesn’t really matter to me. I only get on in the morning anymore and post my status. Every once in awhile I take the time to look at other peoples new photos. FB just doesn’t really matter as much to me anymore. I have just found other things that I would rather waste my time on.

It has lost its luster. OR………………………………….

Is it just the way I am? Lose interest easy, need something newer/flashier , more entertaining, a bigger high?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How does one go about selecting a tattoo design

Tattoo Art- How does one go about selecting a tattoo design

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Finding the perfect tattoo art work for your body can be quite a bit of a challenge especially when you know that the design you choose is going to stay with you forever. The last thing you would want to do is to select a tattoo design which you thought looked great at the moment, but regret having it later.

So how does one go about selecting a tattoo design? Trust me when I say that going with your instincts is not really a great idea as it may seem at first. Selecting a tattoo design within an hour (or less) of walking into a tattoo parlor is something most people regret later. You need to be sure of the design art you select for your body.

My advice to people getting a tattoo has always been to select a design or artwork and then give it some time to sink in. It is only after a day or two or more of selecting a tattoo design that you'll know whether you really want it or not. The best way to go about it is to browse through tattoo art galleries available online or at your local tattoo parlor, get a copy or printout of it and think about it for a couple of days. If after a few days, you are bored of the design or worse, can't stand to look at it anymore, then it's safe to assume that specific design is not for you.

Most Beautfiul Form of Body Art - Tattoo Designs

Most Beautfiul Form of Body Art - Tattoo Designs

If you are serious about getting your skin imprinted with a permanent tattoo, it is important that you select just the right kind of tattoo design for yourself, one that fulfills the following very important requirements.


The tattoos design that you select should be - exactly and only - the one that you were looking for. See that you do not compromise on the shape, size and pattern of the tattoo design, due to any reason at all, for then you are bound to regret getting it done in the first place.

Apart from the pattern of the tattoo design, the colors and hues that you want your tattoo to display should also be the ones of your choice, and preferably ones that suit your skin tone.

It is extremely important that you remember the main reason behind getting the tattoo, and hence, also see that the tattoo design you select portrays the emotions behind it correctly. If it is for mere fashion, you could choose a trendy tribal tattoo design, or a symbolic and stunningly exquisite butterfly tattoo design.

Other than the requirements of the tattoo design that you choose, there are some that you as a purchaser need to consider, while looking for the perfect one. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

First, see that you look through all the available tattoo designs based on your chosen concept, present in various galleries on the internet, or with professional tattoo artists, and only then make your choice. If you want to bear a unique tattoo design, you could ask an artist to create one for you. Also keep in mind where exactly you you’re your tattoo to be situated on your body, and pick accordingly. Remember to keep the budget in mind too.

Next, you ought to find just the right tattoo artist, who will imprint the design onto your skin. You need to be careful while choosing one; see that he or she is a legitimate and expert flash artist.

Make sure that the needles and instruments used by the artist are sterile, you don’t want to end up with any kind of troubles due to it.

Once you have had your spectacular flash art inked into your skin, you will be ready to show it off to jealous viewers, and look gorgeous altogether. However, do remember to be absolutely certain that you want the tattoo, first of all, and also of the design that you select, for the simple reason that if you regret it later, the process of removal will not only be painful, but also very expensive. So choose wisely.

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Hoochy Coochie

Curious minds wanna know!

How shaving it all off/waxing a runway strip came about? Come on gals, you know what I’m talking about. Wink Wink, You’re Va, Jay Jay!

Was it like my experience in the shower this morning? I’m shaving/trimming up my virginia, thinking about the days events, not paying close enough attention it appears. Which is obvious cause next thing I know one side has a little more missing than the other side, so I grab a small mirror and I take a closer look. I thinking, not a problem I can fix this. SO I shave a little more trying to even it out. Next thing you know, I have NOTHING left. OMG! What will I tell my husband? Will he notice? Hell yes, he will freakin notice. Will he think it’s creepy? Cause I’m not so sure I don’t find it a little creepy. So I get out and look at myself in the full length mirror. The horror I tell you. There’s nothing like a pasty white 40 year old with no virginia hair. Worse yet what will my gynecologist think of me at my next appointment? Doubly worse when I’m naked in the women’s locker room at the gym, do I like try to explain it or do I just cover it up till it grows back? How long will it take to grow back? You see my freakin dilemma here.

All this led me to wonder, maybe everyone goes around shaving it all off? My accident might just be exactly how most women’s virginias are lookin now a days. Is this the new Normal? I haven’t looked at a playboy in years and I don’t frequent looking at naked women in the locker room. So I have no real idea, of what is “in style” now. Shag carpet might not be “in” anymore, I’m not saying that I had shag but what I had was better than NOTHING! I do want to be in style though. It’s enough to be old, I don’t want to be old and out of style. That’s a double whammy! I have been “touching up” mine since H.S., but that was 20 years ago, so I am sure the styles have changed.

So I thought maybe I would ask around. Do a little survey of my own. Do you think ppl would find this odd completely out there or be offended by the question? I know that it’s ones own personal preference, ultimately it really doesn’t matter , since the only people who see my virginia are my husband, my gynecologist, my dogs and the other women in the gym. It’s just I’m curious.

So here is what I found out, from the few who I asked that didn’t think I was a complete creeper.

5% Don’t shave at all- Wall to Wall carpet
60% Trim up just the sides
30% Wax a runway strip down the middle
5% Shave it all off, front to back

So it looks like I fall somewhere in the middle of average and a hooker. What a relief.

I hope this helps clear it up for any of you that wondered but were too afraid to ask.

No thank you’s necessary. Just doing my civic duty in reporting the important things people need/wanna know.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo Design for Girls

Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo Design for Girls

When you finally visit the tattoo parlor for your Koi fish tattoo you need to have a clear opinion of the color scheme you want the tattoo drawn in. A very popular color scheme is the time-honored Yen Yang design of black and white. For many of this classical arrangement is a little too conservative and tame and they prefer to choose another more vivid arrangement.

Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo Design

For example if you have a dark or olive skin color it may be more appropriate to select a bright hue so the Koi fish tattoo is more noticeable. If you are wanting to go the more traditional style, you may want to choose one of the Koi’s natural colors such as white, red, black, yellow or gold, or perhaps a mixture of those colors.

Ideally it is best to choose a color design that compliments your skin tone. As a suggestion, if you have yellowish tone in your skin it might be more appropriate to have a gold or yellow and red tattoo. If you have pink to your skin, black, white, red, or blue may be the best color selection for your Japanese Koi fish tattoo design.

Tattoo Positioning
Have you any idea where you intend to position your tattoo? It is recommended that you make sure that your Koi fish tattoo has a place of honor on your body. You must also ensure it is in a place on your body that you can live with. For example, if your work place is of a conservative nature which frowns on employees having ‘out there' body art or has a strict dress code you may not want your tattoo on your hand, face, neck or lower arm where the tattoo is readily visible and almost impossible to camouflage with clothing.

Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo DesignOn the other hand, if you are free to show off your lucky Japanese Koi fish tattoo design, consider placing it on the small of your back, your forearms, around the side of your neck or even swimming around your ankle, as is one of the preferred places for female wearers of the Japanese Koi fish tattoo.

Koi Tattoo Environments
Once you have decided what your tattoo is going to look like and where it is going to be put, you need to give consideration to what other features you would like to include with the design. A popular and effective addition to the Koi design is a flowing stream, a calm pool or even rocky rapids. Combine your Japanese Koi fish tattoo design with a few unique inclusions such as your favorite Japanese symbol and it will result in a tattoo of high quality that can be cherished throughout the years by both the wearer and the admirers

thigh tattoos

shamrock tattoo girls

Aldo Nova says, "Life is just a Fantasy, Can you live this Fantasy life"

I know after reading this, it might sound like I was a bit of a whore, but that’s just not so! Of course I wasn’t a prude either, I see myself more as, somewhere in between. Then again I have said that I would try anything once (within reason of course). 
 I remember during my “dating years” my step mom telling me that I shouldn’t settle down with anyone early, I should play the field.

There are too many men out there to settle down with just one in H.S. However she was also the person who told me to go for a nice young man whose family had money. So I’m not so sure now that I should have taken any of her advice back then.

This is partly why I dated so many guys in high school. I was just playing the field. I don’t think I was ever really serious with any “one” guy. In fact I’m pretty sure that I dated multiple guys at the same time, from different schools of course. I was just having fun, living life. Why wouldn’t you, it’s the last time in your life that you will be living with minimal responsibilities.

I haven’t really thought about all the guys I dated, in my life time. I am 40 something after all. Why go back and count? I can’t even go thru the year book to count the guys that I dated, cause I dated alot from other schools. I guess I could blame some of this on the fact that I drank a lot during these years. I am sure that I lost a few brain cells from this period in my life. Maybe that’s why I am so directionally challenged or the reason for my horrible math skills. Who knows and does it really matter now?

Even if I really tried hard, I am not sure I could name them all off, I’m better at remembering people’s faces. WTF, can you name all yours off?  Besides, I am happily married now. The only reason I have even thought about my past is, my kids have gone and/or now going to school with several of the kids fathers I dated back then.

Crazy that’s what happens when you still live in the same area you grew up. You run into all kinds of people and then there is FB, where I have re-connected with over half the people I went to H.S. with, including the ones I dated. It’s some what awkward to have an old boyfriend ask you to be their friend again after 20+ years. What is there really to talk about, if you dumped them 20 years ago. I’m thinking there must have been a good reason for the break up.

Here’s the part that creeps my kids out, when I mention to them how I know their friends fathers. I don’t give them details; seriously what kind of mom do you think I am. It’s just since I do know a lot of the fathers, they questioning what kind of person I was back then.

My son finally asked me one day, “Geez, how many guys did you date mom”? I tried to explain that times were different back then. Let me also explain that dating doesn’t mean sleeping with. That was reserved for only the most special person.

Teens back then were certainly different than teens now, today they go around and give blow jobs and say they aren’t having sex. What the hell do you call that then? I hardly think it's appropriate behavior.  I didn't give my first BJ till I was at least 18.  I'm just jackin with you.  Do you really think I would tell you such an intimate detail?   I won’t even go there right now, maybe some other time, since I can write pages on just this subject alone.

My point is I have tried to raise my kids to where they don’t focus “finding” someone. That school/sports is the most important part of their life right now and they will have years to find someone and have a relationship with them. Why add such a burden of a relationship to yourself at this age, when you’re supposed to be enjoying all that life has to offer you. I know it’s hard at the “teen stage” in ones life with all the hormones going crazy.

This is why I make sure I talk to my kids about everything, even the things they prefer not to talk to their “mom” about. I just don’t want my kids to follow in my foot steps. I got married right out of H. S., mostly just to run away, from growing up. Bad choice. I just wasn’t ready to grow up yet, I needed more time. But I’ve learned you can run but you can not hide, eventually you have to grow up.
Doesn’t that just bite the big one!

Sexy Flower Tattoos of Girls

Sexy Flower Tattoos of Girls

Sexy Flower Tattoos of GirlsRed Lilly Flower Tattoo of Sexy Front Body Girl with body piercingSexy Flower Tattoos of GirlsFlower Tattoo of Sexy Back Body Girl

Monday, January 11, 2010

Best Girls Tattoo Gallery: Tribal Butterfly Tattoo Design

Best Girls Tattoo Gallery: Tribal Butterfly Tattoo Design

Girl tribal-butterfly tattoo on lowerback

Tribal-butterfly tattoo amaze your body

Best Girls Tattoo Gallery 2009:
Tribal Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Butterflies are incredible creatures; and because of this, tribal butterfly tattoo designs have become popular. The tattoo illustrators have designed lots of original tattoos based on the initial ideas of what these butterflies should look like. Then they have added brighter colors and more highly defined lines to give them a look that says individuality. Women who decided to get this kind of tattoo felt that it adds not only to their attractiveness, but to their personality, making them more interesting, more focused and  distinctive. No four wants to be ordinary anymore and getting a nice tattoo makes it so much less difficult to be yourself, live through the drawings on your body and show others a glimpse of who you are without having to say a single word. lots of women believe that the butterfly's story is their own. it is a story of transformation, the ability to alter, to make yourself that more confident, more efficient and more beautiful. like the butterfly that changes from the ordinary caterpillar to the beautiful butterfly with its colorful wings.

When choosing the tribal tattoo you require, you may decide that the bold line designs are basically not for you. it is commonplace; every young woman is doing it. they are all wearing those tribal tattoos with lines that are taken from symbols of the Maori, Aztec and Eskimo cultures. there's lots of other types of designs that these cultures incorporated in to their works of art. lots of of these represented animals and of those showed the beauty and development of certain creatures. This is where the idea came from for tribal butterfly tattoo designs. These images of beauty have been used by tattoo artists to encourage self expression while making each butterfly a symbol of love, growth and alter.

four of the things about the tribal butterfly tattoo designs is that they represent symmetry shape. they are not merely lines drawn. they are delicate and elegant, showing those who wear them, those who are admiring them, that they are making a significant statement. This is why the choice of where to put this tattoo is equally as important. lots of women pick to put it in their lower backs. that is considered a sexy place to have a tattoo. Others prefer on the thigh, back of the neck or even the upper arm. The important thing is to put it where you are sure you can enjoy it for years to come.

Tiger and Koi Japanese tattoos idea for girls

When the designs are chosen with care, tattoos have a power and magic all their own. They decorate the body but they also enhance the soul.

Tiger and Koi Japanese tattoos idea for girls
Tiger and Koi Japanese tattoos idea for girls

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lotus flower tattooing by using pink tattoo ink

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