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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tick in a Bag

Ok, I realize that this is really gross, BUT here it goes anyway.

I’m getting ready this morning and I look over and I see this baggie tucked down with my lotions and I think ‘what is that”?. I pick it up and realize that it is the baggie that we put the last tick we picked off my son this summer, when he went to the lake with his dad.. Let me see how many months ago was that? Hmmmmmm. We originally kept the “tick” because 1) I ‘m just a freak 2) to have as back up just in case he got lime disease or something. The ticks that he had on him this time were the “deer ticks”. Which if you don’t know what those are, you won’t understand what that means. So I’ll tell you what it means, it means they are freakin small. They are not like the normal size fat ticks. They are the type that you need a damn magnifying glass for I always dread this time of year when he goes, for this exact reason.

My son has freckles all over his body; it is next to impossible to check his whole body for ticks. This is a top reason for me not to let him go to the lake.

There isn’t anything that could be more traumatizing than being a teen and having to stand in front of your mom, so she can look your naked ass over to ticks.

I know he really enjoys going to the lake, and now that he is getting older, he knows how to take precautions. So I hate to tell him he cant go. I certainly can’t count on his dad to take any precautions, since he is such a jackass. Doesn’t matter what I say, he will do the completely opposite.

Anyways, so this morning I’m thinking, has it been long enough? Can I throw out the tick? How long do you think is long enough to wait, to know if there are any lasting residual effects?

Chill, ppl I already told you I was a freak. There is nothing wrong with being a little cautious, but I suppose since it has been about 8 months I can probably throw it out.

Do ya think?

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