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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Things that Piss me off

A few things that piss me off

-Commercials about drugs, and all their freaking side effects -would that really make you wanna take them?;

-Commercials that come on that have the volume go up 20 decimals, if I wasn’t deaf before I will be now;

-When I ask my son if he has homework and he says ”um, let me check” well let me tell you that he damn well knows when he leaves each class if he has homework or not;

-When my husband decides to not go to the gym in the morning and slows down my regular morning routine;

-People that drive in the fast lane doing 65 and wont get the hell over for the people who want to drive faster;

-When the 20 something guy that sits next to me at work asks me if I have any “snacks”. Hello, I’m not your freakin mother!;

-When my doctor tells me that I should exercise less- hello I thought the world was promoting more exercise?;

-Possums-they are just a damn pain in my ass;

-My neighbor’s Psycho kid, who keeps threatening to kill my dog;

-Not being in control of the things I think I should be;

-When people hang up on me-how rude, don’t you know I had a lot more to say!;

-People who throw their cigarette butts on the ground

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