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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Playing Cowgirl

Let me start off with; is there a wrong way to use KY? Cause on the advice of a friend, I bought some of the "new" KY Sensations for him and her, I heard it was suppose to rock your world.
 Isn’t that what the couple says on the commercial???

Not that my sex life needs any spicing up, but I thought, what the hey. Everyone’s been raving about it, so I asked my sportsman to pick some up so we could give it a whirl. Seriously, what have we got to lose right?

I have to say that I have never bought any of “their” products before. I don’t have “that” kind of issue. I have heard older women talking about it being an issue and I’m happy to say it isn’t an issue for me. I’m ecstatic with the sex life I have. I mean I am in my 40’s, isn’t that supposed to be my prim years?

So my lovely sportsman ran out and picked up some for us to try, cause I will try just about anything once.

So, maybe I built it up too much, or it’s cause we drank some, or maybe even it was the stress from the freakin weather. I don’t know. So we try it out, we lube each other all up, like the instructions say to. So were getting it on, and my sportsman looks at me, very serious and he says “you got anything”? and I say um, NO. I look back at him and say “you got anything”? his answer was the same. WTF? We spent what, and all we got was lubed?
What a let down.

What I do know, is there was no fireworks, no explosions, and no crazy good vibrations happenin in our bed that night.

Did we get a dud? IDK. Should we try another bottle? Not sure, that shit isn’t cheap. So what do you do with the rest of the bottle? Use it as a massage lotion?
Honestly, what other uses are there for KY other than sexual ones?

I just can’t throw it out.
What a waste of money.
 So now I have to find some other way to use this stuff.
Any suggestions?

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