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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Near Death Experience

No, I'm not talking about my mini stroke 2 years ago (for real, I dont really think that was what it was, so whatever!!) I am talking about my freakin car drive into work this morning.

Last time I checked(which was recently), I'm positive that in the driver’s manual(which every state is the same) that YIELD means to fucking slow down and look before you enter!!! NOT, go as fast as humanly possible and try to run off the road the nearest vehicle. I know my car is small ppl, but come on!!!! It’s not a damn micro mini.

WTF, does it take to be seen! If a semi can see me then what the hell is your problem?????

So, I most definitely saw my life pass right before my eyes. Since I (well my car) almost bounced off of two other cars. I also had some serious doubts I was even going to make it into work today, but not before, I gave my best expressive hand gestures and very clear verbal profanity to the occupants of the “other” vehicle. Which I know was most definitely NOT good Christian behavior

The only good part was, because of my excellent driving skills I did not spill any of my coffee, during this whole James Bond moment. However at this point I couldn’t drink my coffee, cause my nerves were so completely wrecked that I couldn’t keep my hands from shaking.

So thank you, to the jackass that ruined my good cup of coffee this am with your lack of proper driving skills.

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